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  1. Bugace added a post in a topic My Meyers Manx   

    Nice clean build. I really look forward to building one my self.
  2. Bugace added a post in a topic Rambler, Jeep, AMC straight 6.   

    Thank You!

    I've done some buisness with him before, and he got more then the Jeep that I need. I knew about the Jeep, but had forgotten it had a engine.
    That thing called age, is sneaky.
  3. Bugace added a post in a topic Mans Ruin   


    Can't wait to see how this one will look when finished.
  4. Bugace added a post in a topic AMT/RMM Triumph Motorcycle   

    A lovely little project.

    I'd like to have the complete bike my self. I got some of the pieces, as I have collected some of the '62 annuals, but far from all. I also have the Gocart frame.
  5. Bugace added a post in a topic Deora COE   

    The stock Isetta was a 2 seater. But the raildragster was of course a singelseater. There have been rails with all kind of microcar bodies. Actually not only as modelcars, but in real life as well.
    Hot Wheels have one wild Isetta with the body ahead of a wild engine, and a topfuelwing. If You dare sitting over the front axel of a topfueler, You might find it thrilling.

    Love this Deora project. I find my self playing with the idea using traditional parts only. Dropping the engine, for a GMC turbin. and using a two tonne chassis.
  6. Bugace added a post in a topic 90'd Cadillac Lowrider   

    Thats lovely!
  7. Bugace added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Rambler, Jeep, AMC straight 6.
    Hi guys!

    There are some kits that have AMC, Rambler, Jeep straight sixes. I'd like too replicate a '70s Jeep 258 cui for a Cherokee Chief project I've started.
    Now, is there a resinversion out there? Or do I have too source one from a Pacer, '65 American, or something else in styrene?
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  8. Bugace added a post in a topic Since everyone else is doing it...   

    The '60 is awsome. A real stand out. The box on the '72 is one I'd like to have in my own stash of truckparts.
  9. Bugace added a post in a topic something for the 60/70s crowd   

    Those in gold, in a overloaded Lowrider...............................
  10. Bugace added a post in a topic '73 Chevrolet Chevelle- Mastered by Tom Ellifritt   

    When it comes to front ends, and rearends, why not make the body with these off. Then make seperate front, and rear, parts for the different cars. I would imagine it would even make it easyier too cast.
    Then You also have the different front/rear, for other versions of the '73/'74 Chevelles. Maybe even El Caminos. I can't say I don't like the Coupe, but those SW's, sedans, and trucks ain't bad either.

  11. Bugace added a post in a topic Porsche 911   

    Nice! I love those old aircoolers.
  12. Bugace added a post in a topic 32 Ford 3-Window "never ending work"   

    That is a nice idea. Those "meaty" rear drums might be overkill, but I like them.
  13. Bugace added a post in a topic Hudson Hornet 4-Dr-Stationwagon   

    That is one lovely wagon. Thank You for shareing.
  14. Bugace added a post in a topic Ninth Completion of 2012   

    Nice too see 4 doors in 1/25 scale.
    Nice build
  15. Bugace added a post in a topic Air-Trax '62 Opel Rekord Coupe   

    Juha is a very busy man. I'm just happy he find time making some few castings of his excellent masters.
    He is also a gentleman of first class, tries too share as much he manage, but he has to set limits on his time.

    But he might be a member here, just reading what we say. I know he like to see what is happening in the modelcar community.