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  1. Cincinnati Challenge

    Anyone know what time the show starts, ends, registration start and end times, judging start times and end times?
  2. McLaren-Elva M1A

    Try electricdreams.com or professormotor.com as they both deal in 60s era model cars.
  3. Decal Scissors

    Tamiya decal scissors are only 9 bucks and worth every penny. Get them.
  4. Corvette C5-R Compuware

    Thanks for the kind comments guys. I really am my own worst critic, as I try too hard to make the perfect car (most likely impossible). The nice thing about using washes is that small imperfections can be hidden while at the same time allows certain parts of the car to look more realistic. With the holidays over, I look forward to posting more projects here.
  5. Corvette C5-R Compuware

    Its been a while since I have posted anything constructive so this is a Revell Compuware C5-R. This build took about 3 months to build, and was built specifically for the HLJ 2013 Plamo Contest. The build: -Tamiya Mica Blue -Rustoleum Lacquer Clear over decals -Wet sanded with 1000,2000,4000,6000,12000 -Polished with Scratch X -Model Factory Hiro fittings and hoses -Various carbon fiber patterns used throughout -Scratch built electric box -Scratchbuilt brake ducts -Model Car Garage photo etch kit -Misc details throughout I entered this build in the Intermediate category, and expected not to place whatsoever. To my surprise, I placed 3rd in the advanced category and won a 10,000 yen spending spree at HLJ. I felt the car was not all that great,and could have been better, but I ran out of time.
  6. The Zen of Model Building

    I once read a quote that said something along the lines of "treat every piece of the model as a model unto itself."
  7. Silent airbrush compressor?

    Harbor freight sells a $60 airbrush compressor that is really quiet. About as noisy as an electric toothbrush. Had mine for a few years and is perfect.
  8. GM Strikes Back... With a Buick!

    Sorry, should be in my signatur now.
  9. GM Strikes Back... With a Buick!

    Fabulous job! The black is beautiful.I built an Electra last year and its a nice build. There's pics on my blog if you are interested.
  10. Photo etched toggle switches

    HLJ sells many different brands of switches (push and toggle). Top Studio, KA, and MFH come to mind.
  11. Porsche 917

  12. Revell Germany VW Transporter T1

    It will be sold here.
  13. 1/12 Enzos-where are they?

    I'd imagine most people aren't building them right away. I'd also guess the demand for build ups of anything foreign is not as high here as it is on other boards. I have 4 unbuilt Tamiya 1/12 car kits. But I'm slowly buying grade up parts a bit at a time, and once I have all my grade up parts I may start. Plus, I want my buidling skills to improve before I huild my 1/12.
  14. Snip the etched part where the material goes through. You can pry it open, insert the belt fabric, and close it up. The snip won't be visible as its behind the fabric.