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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. The tribal is a decal from revels 67 Chevelle pro street . The mask are temporary tattoos with clear over them
  2. I built this for a online contest I call it The Gambler
  3. WOW! That brings back some memories. Seen the the real one when I was 16.A long time ago lol Now I have to go find some videos to watch. Great Job.
  4. I like it . But I agree with Scott you need a sunroof to see out. .Awesome job!
  5. Looks good.I have that kit need to build it after looking at how good this came out
  6. Model Master's One coat Laquer. Called Blazing black.
  7. Just a box stock Foose build Built this just like the plans say But I had to lower the front end just a little
  8. WOW! I wish I had your talent John. Always enjoy following your builds. As usual awesome work on this one.
  9. I'm right there with you guys. After all the surgeries and now being disabled I have nothing but time The down side can't turn up the music or fire up the compressor and paint. The upside just me and the dog and he doesn't want to chat and disturb me while I'm building.
  10. Just picked this one up last week cant wait to start it, Nice job on this one
  11. Wow! that's a lot of foil work ,Awesome job on this one
  12. I like the two colors together looks great
  13. That's a great save. Always save don't trash them.
  14. Awesome paint on that. Looks great
  15. The scoop cover came with the kit on the decal sheet
  16. I like it .Makes me want to watch the munsters now
  17. Looks good I like that color on it
  18. WOW! That was alot of work but it paid off .looks Awesome.
  19. I have a Sony Cyber-shot full 1080hd 10.1 mega pixels
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