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  1. jadadiecastfan added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Win up to $5000 for Video/Film Contest from Jada Toys!
    Look what i found on iplayaz.com from Jada Toys.

    CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – Jada Toys® and Chub City® announce today the “I-Playaz Commercial Contest†where all hobbyist and professional filmmakers and videographers have the opportunity to create a 28-second commercial for prize money and a chance to show their creations at the upcoming 2007 International Licensing Expo in New York City at the Chub City booth. This contest is open for submission between March 1, 2007 and May 31, 2007.

    Every submitted commercial must integrate or feature the Chub Cityinteractive Toys called the I-Playaz. There are four I-Playaz to choose from - The 1959 VW Beetles, which come in two colors and the Chub City Characters Chub-C and Hype. The I-Playaz plugs into any MP3 player or any other music source and play music, dance, groove and light up to the songs being played. These toys are widely available at Target, Kmart, Amazon.com, Fry’s Electronics and other toy retailers. No purchase is necessary for entry into this contest.

    Prize money includes $5,000.00 for the first prize winner, $1,000.00 for the second prize winner and $500.00 for the third prize winner.

    All entries must be received by May 31, 2007. Rules, and regulations apply, please go to www.iplayaz.com for entry forms and details. The winner will be unveiled June 19, 2007 at the Chub City booth of the Licensing International Expo in New York City.

    The Licensing International Expo, www.licensingshow.com, is where 23,000 key decision making retailers, advertisers, marketing professionals, and manufacturers from around the world and across all consumer product categories in the 180-billion dollar worldwide licensing business meet in one location to make deals regarding over 5,700 properties and designs. Jada Toys will exhibit its Chub City brand and licensed products at the Expo.

    I-Playaz Video Contest Quote
    “We are very excited to give great aspiring professionals the possibility of being seen at a huge marketing event,†said Marlene Cuesta, Vice President of Licensing for Jada Toys. â€The winner will receive $5,000.00; however, future potential in the industry and bragging rights will be limitless.â€

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  2. jadadiecastfan added a topic in General   

    Scarface 1:64 '68 Chevy Impala diorama
    Here is a 1:64 '68 Chevy Impala diorama from Scarface movie by Jada Toys. Jada Toys has some cool Scarface products.

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  3. jadadiecastfan added a topic in General   

    Scarface 1:64 '63 Cadillac Series 62 diorama
    And the famous 1:64 '63 Cadillac Series 62 diorama from Scarface movie by Jada Toys. It was driven by Tony Montana himself.

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  4. jadadiecastfan added a topic in General   

    Jada 1:18 Godfather '40 Cadillac Fleetwood Pix
    Looks like he's about to do something he won't regret...

    And of course, The Godfather...

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  5. jadadiecastfan added a topic in General   

    Jada Dub City Old Skool- 1:18 '51 Mercury
    Been in my collection for a while, but never been photgraphed. Kinda hard to find a some good lighting and a still need a better digital camera. But this is my only Merc from Jada.

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  6. jadadiecastfan added a topic in General   

    Jada's 1:18 Chevy Camaro Concept Pix
    Here goes. Sorry about the quality of the pix. My camera is still yet to be replaced, so I'm borrowing my friends. Here is one of my newest stuff from Jada- the 1:18 Chevy Camaro Concept from the Dub City line. And no its not DUBBED out. The Bigtime Muscle version will be though. I believe that has yet to be released.

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  7. jadadiecastfan added a topic in General   

    Jada 1:18 Dodge Magnum Police
    This one is from my Jada Police collection. It's different because its a wagon-type of cop car. I really want the 1:18 Charger Police though.

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  8. jadadiecastfan added a topic in General   

    Jada Toys' 1:24 BTM '63 Chevy Corvette
    Sorry not a good quality pix. Since my camera is broken, had to borrow my friend's. I know a lot of people in this forum don't like Jada Toys products, but this is the only brand I collect.

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  9. jadadiecastfan added a post in a topic Jada Toys' 1:24 BTM '70 Oldmobile 442   

    George, Jada model kits are currently metal. It is rumored that they will release plastic model kits in 2007. I personally like metal model kit. It just more "meatier" for me.
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  11. jadadiecastfan added a post in a topic New 1:24 Dub City Old Skool- '63 Ford Thunderbird   

    I have no talent when it comes to art stuff. I can't make model kits because I have no patience. I can't even draw if my life depended on it. However, I collect Jada Toys mainly because it is the best bang for the buck. Their interior and engine detail are not always that great, but I cannot not stop admiring their paint jobs.
  12. jadadiecastfan added a post in a topic Chub City Design-A-Chub Character Challenge   

    Just thought I'd let all the Jada Toys' and Chub City fans know that they are offering a drawing contest for all ages. I can't draw if my life depended on it though haha
  13. jadadiecastfan added a post in a topic New 1:24 Dub City Old Skool- '63 Ford Thunderbird   

    Big poppa, unfortunately my digital camera is broken and I've been spending all my money buying Jada cars. I will show some pix once I get a new camera. I'm a huge fan of Jada cars and thats all I buy.
  14. jadadiecastfan added a post in a topic New pix from Jada Toys' VDub$ line   

    Schumacher330, Donk is the craziest thing in the South now. Everybody gonna wanna Donk out their vehicle sooner or later- haha. Its a new genre of auto styling. The 1:18 Donk has actual working suspension and Jada has put some bright candy paint colors. And its price tag is only $24.99 MSRP. I, personally, would just leave the vehicle as is.

    Check out Jada Toys' Donk, Box, and Bubbles line at http://www.jadatoys.com/products.php?category=Donk.
  15. jadadiecastfan added a topic in General   

    New 1:24 Dub City Old Skool- '63 Ford Thunderbird
    Speechless I am. What a beauty. Words can't describe how beautiful these T-birds are.

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