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  1. That is one amazing look model!! The detail on it is crazy, great job.
  2. I have never been told I cant buy paint and have never been asked for ID and I'm 16.
  3. Theres a few cars at my school that look like that but with more rust lol.
  4. Last year I dropped a AMT 34 ford, it had made it fenderless and the way it fell three of the four wheels broke off. It was a older build and time for a resto anyways so I was not to upset.
  5. We got a little over half a foot up here in Nova Scotia today.
  6. The mpc daytona I have i'm cutting into a daytona "pickup", its based off of the Krass & Bernie comics that are in Car Craft mag. The other on I have i'm going to try my hand at weathering.
  7. That looks great! Do you have any engine pics?
  8. Very nice, I love GM Colonnade cars. I have a few 73-77 chevelle models planned and i would love to have one of those cutlasses.
  9. The weathering is amazing! Great looking model.
  10. To bad about the body being etched, I have some amt 69 chargers that i practice new things on incase i mess up lol
  11. 73 chevelle (stock, not nascar) 76 celica coupe (full detail) any GM colonnade car (also not nascar) 39 buick coupe bronco II
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