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  1. heres my revell 49 merc with about 10 coats of clear
  2. i haven't been building long about 3 months or so
  3. went to radio shack bought some 30 gauge wire for about 5 bucks cut how many u need and twist the end. then i super glued the end i let it dry for about 2 hours i drilled out the distributor. i would of drilled out 7 small hole but i messed it up lol then put the wire in each hole or what i did drill a big hole and glue them in i also take the coating off and wrap around a needle and u can make linkage for your carbs hope u guys enjoy this is my first tips on the forum
  4. tiltawhirl


    great build but i have a question how do u get the panel lines like that??
  5. just finish up the revell viper acr. enjoy
  6. went to radio shack and got some 30 gauge wire. drilled out the ITB's
  7. hello everyone from the bmw guy.. lol i have been building for about 3 months now. im going to try a lot of new things this time. hope u guys enjoy
  8. derrick teach me lol awesome looks so real
  9. tiltawhirl

    BMW 325i

    now thats a bmw!! i have a 87 m3 in real life but i would of left the left side head light in most e30 owners take out the right side head light is because the airbox is behind it and the wheels are stockers if you had a euro e30
  10. looks good! i like it
  11. cool thank you guys im going to try the sharpie tip first because im broke right now
  12. what would be the best way to paint the black trim on the windows of my dodge challenger i have magic masker but i dont think that will work for what im doing. anyone can tell me a better way plz do lol
  13. welcome to the site! model looks good, you just start build model cars?
  14. thanks guys it took about 15 coats of clear of automotive paint. just wondering do they make model metal flake?
  15. tiltawhirl

    49 mercury

    i tryed doing metal flake paint job i think it looks ok. its been a long time seen i posted something.
  16. the dizzy what does that mean lol
  17. this is my first time airbrushing, i think i did a ok job. i build my first homemade distributor and carburetor linkage. i cut brass tubing 2 make the exhaust, i lowed the front and rear. i hope u guys like, suggestions always welcome
  18. tiltawhirl

    New Kit

    who makes wet look clear?
  19. tiltawhirl

    New Kit

    but u cat put lacquer over enamel its going 2 lift
  20. no u cant spary lacquer over enamel but u can put enamel over lacquer. and to brands tamiya in not a high gloss u will have a wet sand and polish it 2 a high shine. testors is the cheapest and if i remember right it high gloss clear i still wet sand and polish it,theres dupli-colors 3 step paint,primer,base coat and clear coat that u can get at autozone its like 6 buck a can but they have more colors and u can do like 2 cars with one can theres rustoleum enamel paints and krylon that u can get at wal-mart or home depot its like 4 buck 4 a 12.oz can examples testors enamel base and clear coat(3 bucks a can) krylon lacquer base and clear coat(4 bucks a 12.oz can) rustolem base and clear(4 bucks a 12.oz can) automotive paints base and 2 part clear coat this was can cost at of money this car have about 200 buck with of paint and clear on it (white 60' impala in the pic)
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