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  1. the man came up with a good idea and stuck to it to the end.
  2. AMT 32 ford coupe 3in1 trophy series, it could be built in so many ways
  3. to all the people on here and else where who prayed for my wife,our prayers have been answered,she is recovering ,i will have her in my life for a while longer,her doctor said her turn around was nothing short of a miracle. he said you just don't get that bad and recover, she will be going to a nursing home, i know well it is a matter of time thanks to God and all of you I will have her a little longer .with all my heart felt thanks Ralph
  4. thank you to all who responded to my post in rough year. my Wonderful wife of 38 years is going to meet god soon .her doctor said it is just a matter of time. she is resting comfortable. she has accepted her fate with a bravery that is astounding. she was laughing with our kids tonight.her love and bravery in the face of death. i can only hope i can face it like her
  5. today Cindy had a very bad breathing attack. the doctor said it is just a matter of time ,tonight she is stable and comfortable. she is facing the probability of death a lot better than i am.
  6. a good friend just hauled a old country style outhouse that was 16ftx6x6 to be covered with flowers for a parade
  7. just got back home my wife was admitted to the ICU with breathing problems again. they have told us her lungs are getting weaker and they have done all they can.now with treatment she might have a year. we have been married 38 years she loved old trucks and built several models over the years, so all i ask is keep her in your prayers.her name Is Cindy sperber, thanks to all of you.
  8. i know this started as a joke ,but this year has been a rough one, in january my wife almost died ,she has been in a nursing home ever since.my business folded, i have been selling at flea markets and model car shows had over 1200 model kits and been selling them off at shows.my wife was a avid truck fan and collected toy trucks for years, hate selling her trucks off ,feel like i am selling a part of her and our life together. she has been back in the hospital 4 times this year.in the last few weeks our furnace died,hot water heater started leaking and the refrigerator died. so i am using kerosene heaters 60.00 a week in oil,put pans of water on the heater so i have hot water to get washed,and it has been cold enough to keep a little food on the enclosed back porch. but my wife is still alive.my kids are healthy my parents both in their 80's are still alive up in pa.the models were a way to make money that has gotten me through this far and still have a few left to sell. but most of all I Have another Christmas With Cindy. MERRY CHRISTMAS
  9. i grew up not very far from there at 12th and oley,raced in several alleys between 13th and birch st. ancient history went to the school that was at 12th and greenwich.
  10. green hornet movie used 27 chrysler imperials mythbusters destroyed at least 2 beautiful imperials in the green hornet special.in the american version of top gear they trashed a nice 1971 cutlass s , and a fiero. mythbusters could have found and destroyed some junk imperials easily. they have destroyed some really nice older cars, like the fury that looked like a grandmas car.i really don,t think they understand cars, they often use the wrong type car for their tests ,like slapping a car in reverse while going forward , they concluded it can't be done,they used a late model car that the computer wouldn't let it do it. i,ve done it hundreds of times in demolitions derbies. the older trans. didn't like but they took it. the police car from american graffiti they used a 4 link coil spring suspension car to duplicate something done with a leaf spring car.that was rigged for the stunt i met the man who used to rig cars for movie stunt work .he was touring with chitwood at the time when i supplied the crash cars for them at local fair.but i can't say much i let Chitwood wreck a 67 mustang,a 66 marlin,64 falcon sprint,66 chevelle 2dr sedan,67 skylark among many others
  11. when i think about the far too many chances i took and the crashes i walked away from i can only count myself lucky. when i started driving a wrecker ,as i mentioned before we were rescue equipped,did i begin to come face to face with just how lucky i really was.i helped to cut several classmates out of crashes. including a fatal crash that was a car i sold to the boy it was my old 64 falcon sprint he went into a cloverleaf too fast either the body sat down on the left rear tire or an air shock blew he rolled the car several times was thrown out and run over. it took along time to get over that.
  12. I always hate to hear about things like that.here in north carolina there has been a rash of fatal accidents lately. last new years day there was a crash that killed 4 football players from the same school . way back in 1971 i was working for a wrecker service that was rescue equipped, there weren't many rescue squads back then.fire departments and wreckers were who got you out of your car. the scene that has haunted me occurred christmas eve 1971. the call came in as a multiple fatality, when we arrived there was a blue 1964 chevy impala wagon laying on it's roof. it had struck the end of a bridge and rolled . the road was packed ice and snow. it was cold, clear , full moon dead silent. on the path to where the car stopped was suitcases ,christmas presents, and 4 covered bodies two adults,two little children. i couldn't ever forget that sight. felt like a poster should have been made of it.if it made one person slow down or not drive when tired. they wouldn't have died so needlessly. i always thought that would be my worst christmas till my granddaughter died december 23 1998,just 8 days old.i feel for anybody who loses somebody dear at this time of the year
  13. just go to ebay,in the search window put in peterbilt. in toys and hobbies same seller has about 10 built road tractors. i have 2 unbuilt peterbilts and lowboy trailer. listed myself
  14. some truck models i came across one seller that has a several built peterbilt road tractors prices seem reasonable didn't check shipping
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