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  1. GTMust added a post in a topic Driveway...   

    I could almost believe this is real.......  Even though I love the way the dio is progressing, the cars themselves are masterpieces.  Or are they real???
  2. GTMust added a post in a topic My first diorama   

    For a first attempt, this is incredible! You must have been doing a lot of research. Are you into model railways?

  3. GTMust added a post in a topic My Little Shop - Updated Photos   

    Very impressive! If I didn't know otherwise, I'd swear this was real.......

    From another Tony, also from Belleville, Ontario.
  4. GTMust added a post in a topic airfix Mini Cooper S   

    I've often wondered what this newer line of Airfix 1/32 scale cars is like. Look forward to seeing this one come together.

  5. GTMust added a post in a topic Hot Rod Henry's repair pt 1   

    I may be wrong... so someone correct me if I am, but I don't believe the term "Hot Rod" was used until after WW2. So may not be correct for a 1930's dio.

  6. GTMust added a post in a topic Revisiting the Triangle Filling Station   

    Good to see you back posting Ed. We missed you.

  7. GTMust added a post in a topic garage diorama fully detailed and fully scratch build ...   

    Richard........ I've been watching this post every day since you first started it...... in growing frustration! Frustration that I cannot achieve the level of inspiration, skill and patience that you have....... however hard I try. And I've been modelling for over 50 years!!!

    My hat's off to you sir.

  8. GTMust added a post in a topic "Track Rat" Fox body build - Finished!   

    The trouble with being a perfectionist....... is that most of us can't see what the problem is!

  9. GTMust added a post in a topic the Blowing Elephant or Every Picture Tells a Story, don't it?   

    Like you, I was there Joe...... I know exactly what you mean. The frustration of moving vehicles... but stationary figures.

  10. GTMust added a post in a topic Welcome to Hazzard County...   

    This one I will be following with great interest! Just loving what you've done so far.....

  11. GTMust added a post in a topic Texaco station in 1977   

    How on earth do you achieve such incredible detail..........????

  12. GTMust added a post in a topic VINCENT BLACK SHADOW   

    I built the Matchbox kit many moons ago and had no problems.


  13. GTMust added a post in a topic 1934 Ford Woodie wagon.   

    You're right Jairus. This project came to a grinding halt when the woodgrain vinyl paper panelling started to delaminate! I put it away, thinking I would get back to it and re-do it with real wood...... but got sidetracked into other builds and dioramas and never did.

    My workbench is currently covered in a bunch of other unfinished projects... and I keep starting more new ones! Sometimes it's just the challenge of finding ways to do things and, once that's achieved, finishing the build gets put on the back burner......

    Maybe the recent interest may bring it back out again? Who knows?

  14. GTMust added a post in a topic Garage Shop Diorama completed   

    Nice work..... but you may want to consider a handrail around the loft. It's a long way down!

  15. GTMust added a post in a topic Gathering advice for my first shot (1/43 AMT)   

    Looking forward to this one...... Beside building in all other scales (mostly 1/32 scale antiques and classics), I've recently been collecting 1/43 diecasts of unusual cars not available in plastic. I also have a number of the AMT 1/43 scale kits in my stash, but haven't got around (or got up the courage) to tackle them yet!

    Keep us well posted on progress.... I'll be following with great interest.

    Love those example pics of built up Torinos... especially the green one. WOW!