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  1. Looks awesome and nice to see one like the box art for a change. Correct. because it was filmed in England, they used Spanish Dodges and Chevy Novas. too wide RACING ONLY tires... hehe.
  2. those are some amazing looking nascars
  3. I've also done a tribute model to a passed family member. They are just the little bit more special. This is a nice model and a good story too.
  4. nice model, shiny. nicely photographed too.
  5. Looks good. The weathering makes this pop. There is an EK Holden sedan on the market, but considering it's cost, you were better off with the Chevies. the EK is a bit smaller than the chev, but not enough to make a real difference (like the difference between 1/24 and 1/25 scales).
  6. Interceptor (max's car) is from 'the parts box' and is their Police XB kit. the Pursuit is the planetX resin kit, which i modified the nose and changed the rims for more accuracy. since i'm reviving an old thread, here's some more police model cars Jumanji Super Troopers Speed Trap
  7. As nice as the original zztop is, this has an undefined coolness.
  8. You had a good year by the looks of it. They are some fabulous models
  9. well done. now it just needs a barn to rest in
  10. holy smokes that's a smooth paintwork. it looks like water. awesome details too.
  11. sigh, this is the 'ugly taurus' all over again (this one they DID kill with fire)
  12. "The Circuit Wolf is a shõnen adventure and racing manga published in Japan as Circuit no Õkami . It was serialized in Weekly Shõnen Jump from January 1975 to June 1979." so, pretty old. i'm guessing he's the 'BAD' guy, after all, he drives a Porsche. surprisingly, this is the ONLY thread i could find complaining about the swastika. you'd think the internet howlers would be in full force over this, doubly so since it's a toy (like it or not, model cars ARE considered toys to everyone who doesn't build them for a hobby).
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