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  1. kruleworld

    68 GTO

    nice. good re-build
  2. that's some quality weathering
  3. to quote Tavarish "Sometimes One man's trash... ...is just trash" awesome beater. weathering is spot on and accurate for a Pacer.
  4. Sharp looking RX7 Where did you source the Volks?
  5. Consider the Motormax diecast diplomat003 by aus_mus, on Flickr also, NYLIBUD. have you built a model of that?
  6. probably easy enough to scratchbuild from cardboard and clear acetate.
  7. anyone have a suggestion what this color might be? it doesn't have to be exact, but my mix is nowhere near it I'd like to repaint mine at some stage and would like a closer match. french_conn1 by aus_mus, on Flickr
  8. Nice build. i also cut out the hood and put mesh in there
  9. awesome job. don't see many of these built
  10. so Jeep cheaped out and put an undersized clutch in them. tough offroader my azz.
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