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  1. kruleworld added a post in a topic "Lara" - a very personal build.   

    nice model. i totally get wanting to do a replica of your first car (sadly mine isn't available in scale). i like the little details, like the music player on the dash.
    Does any of the other kits come with a RHD dash? maybe someone would swap with you if they want to make theirs LHD?
  2. kruleworld added a post in a topic 1992 Chevy Caprice 'Lead Sled'   

    some nice work there. that color really pops
  3. kruleworld added a post in a topic Bitchn'Rides '50 Phantom Fleetside   

    awesome work. it's a joy to watch it come together.
  4. kruleworld added a post in a topic 1972 Pontiac GTO   

    yes, this is required fixing.

  5. kruleworld added a topic in Under Glass   

    Captain Risky - Kick it or Rip it!!
    This is Captain Risky's Stunt Falcon...
    Budget Direct – an Australian insurance company – have thrown us into 2015 with their new ‘Kick It and Rip It’ campaign with "Captain Risky". He makes his black and blue debut as a daredevil who’s just, well, not that good. But it’s funny and ridiculous and that is the success of this ad. It shows us someone so buffoonish, so uninsurable, that next to him, anyone can be insured.
    The Falcon XB is from and the decals are printed by Pattos Place. The Roof engine is scratchbuilt.

    Check him out here
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  6. kruleworld added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Short Circuit - Nova Van
    This is the Van from the movie "Short Circuit", a cute movie from the 80s about an errant robot that escapes its creators and helps a young woman find love.
    The Van is a Chevy "Candy Van" kit from AMT with GMC grille and scratchbuilt box cargo area. The decals are exclusive to Pattos Place. Special thanks to Doobie for the GMC grille. The rims and tires are from scene unlimited.
    You can catch up on the build here:


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  7. kruleworld added a post in a topic Big Orange Raptor   

    nice color. looks like quite an imposing model.
  8. kruleworld added a post in a topic ’72 Chevy C/10 (Replica of my truck)   

    fabulous job. looked at your wip, you've done a lot of work on this.
  9. kruleworld added a post in a topic Monogram Lincoln Futura   

    fabulous job. I did mine as it appeared in "It Started with a Kiss", only difference is the number plate! I actually cut the chassis from the body so it could be put together and painted as one piece.

  10. kruleworld added a topic in Under Glass   

    Cadillac Eldorado Coupe
    I've had this 74 Caddy for a number of years and noticed the a-pillar had broken and the model looked rather sad and dirty, so i cleaned it up and detailed it with bare metal foil and detail touches, like the tail lights. it's a Johan promo. i've not detailed the interior or chassis, but i did replace the chassis securing tacks with screws. a bit of Novus polish really brought the metallic green plastic to a nice shine.

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  11. kruleworld added a post in a topic bathurst wining GTR race in race mode   

    That a tamiya skyline?
    here's mine

  12. kruleworld added a post in a topic Charger now with the 500 grille. Or kind of.   

    Yeah, i think it gives it a bit more identity being a 500, since it already had the convex rear window. Your grille actually looks better than the stock piece, so the work was worthwhile. i just bought one from ModelHaus
  13. kruleworld added a post in a topic NASCAR valve covers that cover the spark plugs   

    all the nascar engine pictures i looked at, the only 'covered' ones were like this one, where the ht leads are simply on the side of the heads. all others had them running over the top of the valve covers.

  14. kruleworld added a post in a topic 4 door Corvette   

    reminds me of the stretch corvette (aka Dorvette)

  15. kruleworld added a post in a topic Stang-banger - MPC "Style"   

    Those make for some of the most interesting subjects, because everyone else goes right past them onto the nearest Charger/Camaro/Mustang.
    zip lock bags are you friend, get some now. Your review is a fun read, thanks.