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  1. nicely built. all you need now is a kit of the Ionic (if they ever do one). I did a model of my own Hyundai on Flickr
  2. It looks like a fancy metal strainer. any sufficiently fine paint filter should work just as well, even a paper filter would do the same (automotive shops use paper filters, so they can't be that bad)
  3. You're full of bs. the artists sell them for $95 on hum3d, then they won't want you giving them away free. First line of the license: The CUSTOMER may NOT: redistribute PRODUCT or modifications/parts of the PRODUCT;
  4. they appear to be rips from Hum3D, so probably not legal files.
  5. this frankenstein monster looks awesome. hell of a job putting it all together.
  6. holy cow! lots of amazing custom work here
  7. Nice job. the stance looks good and the paint came out nice
  8. unique subject and well executed
  9. nicely built looks good in silver. i also like how you photoed it in front of a picture back drop. makes it look like it's on the dealer's lot.
  10. nice impala. they look good in black
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