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  1. nicely built. all you need now is a kit of the Ionic (if they ever do one). I did a model of my own Hyundai on Flickr
  2. It looks like a fancy metal strainer. any sufficiently fine paint filter should work just as well, even a paper filter would do the same (automotive shops use paper filters, so they can't be that bad)
  3. You're full of bs. the artists sell them for $95 on hum3d, then they won't want you giving them away free. First line of the license: The CUSTOMER may NOT: redistribute PRODUCT or modifications/parts of the PRODUCT;
  4. they appear to be rips from Hum3D, so probably not legal files.
  5. this frankenstein monster looks awesome. hell of a job putting it all together.
  6. holy cow! lots of amazing custom work here
  7. Nice job. the stance looks good and the paint came out nice
  8. unique subject and well executed
  9. nicely built looks good in silver. i also like how you photoed it in front of a picture back drop. makes it look like it's on the dealer's lot.
  10. nice impala. they look good in black
  11. 3D printed from Thingiverse JETSONS CAR by A_SKEWED_VIEW_3D i printed it in PLA but i cut it in half in the print software so top and bottom had no support marks (supports create texture like on the seat). it was painted in Tamiya metallic green, with black seat and brown interior. the clear dome is a Domino's Shake lid. Size is about 4 inches. on Flickr
  12. 3D Printed in resin on my Creality LD002R. i opted to print as a solid chunk, giving the model a nice heft when held. and I airbrush painted in tamiya gold with an over spray of tamiya clear orange for a bronze look. I did a bit of chrome and painted over with clear blue and clear red for the lights. on Flickr
  13. Looks awesome. a little bit of detailing goes a long way
  14. In 1975 Morris finished second at Bathurst in the Ron Hodgson Torana SL/R5000 L34 with co-driver Frank Gardner. The following year Bob Morris, with British touring car ace John Fitzpatrick as co-driver, went one better – winning in a dramatic finish at Bathurst. The kit was a resin Torana from ebay, likely a copy of the Cavalier branded kit. Decals by Pattos Place
  15. Jim Richards raced this home-built race car in NZ before moving to Australia for a few years until it became uncompetitive. For this build, i used a street car from Revell and built the crazy fender flares to make it match up. Pattos Place provided the decals
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