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  1. Canyon/Colorado truck question

    If your driving one now, how well do you like it ?, and if you have one with over a 100,000 miles ... how is it still running ? Thinking about a lease or direct buy, might be switching from a Ford.....THANKS
  2. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    Went to the two closest stores in Michigan, completely picked clean of all kits within only two days of this post. EXECEPT for those lonely little aero-chief kits on the bottom shelf, so now I have a good and plenty stock of fire parts.
  3. Kenworth Wrecker

    THANKS for the heads up on this, the online photo only showed the front of the truck. Will pick one of these up later.
  4. Kenworth Wrecker

    Greetings, Here is my idea, using the "Papa Truck" Kenworth Aerodyne, I would like too convert this one into a towing and recovery rig. Since the flatbed is already there, what kind of a winch cable setup would I need tucked up in the back of the truck ?? As I have some broken down big rigs in the junk box in need of a "tow". THANKS ..... John
  5. Kalamazoo, MI toy show

    Yep, there sure were more model kits this year than last.... thanks Dan
  6. Kalamazoo, MI toy show

    GREETINGS builders, Attended the toy show this past thanksgiving weekend, and came home with six little wonderful kits.... JO-HAN 1960 Desoto adventurer....sealed $20 ERTL Paystar 5000 dump truck... complete $30 AMT 5 car auto hauler.. (org. issue)... complete... $20 AMT Alaskan hauler... complete.. $30 AMT Peterbilt 359 with sleeper... complete... $30 AMT Sunoco chrome tanker... complete... $40 All six kits for only ...$170 dollars, not bad at all for the days take... 'cause that Alaskan hauler would go for at least 3-4 times that amount on e-bay,..... well happy modeling too me !!!
  7. GREETINGS fellow builders, Just picked up the W-925 re-issue, and thought I would share some comments with you, so here we go. BOX ART- Still just about the same, some slight wording on box contents has been changed, OLD first issue box panel that showed the chassis and engine detail has now been changed on the NEW box to show other KW kits. PART SPRUES- OLD kits always had lots of parts loose in bag, as the NEW kit now has some what of a better sprue with parts attached so none get lost to the carpet or tile monster. CHROME- With the OLD kits you never knew if you were going to get dull ,weak or shiny chrome, with the NEW kit comes very bright plated chrome in plastic bags with a tissue paper protector. INSTRUCTIONS- The NEW kit instructions now have a paint guide on certain parts, as where the OLD ones did not show this. DECALS- In the OLD kits, I always found the decals to be light colored and too transparent and with the NEW kit they are very nice solid color decals with cab and sleeper stripes. TIRES- The OLD kits have FIRESTONE 10-20 tires, however these have been replaced in the NEW kits with skinny GOODYEAR 10-20 HI-MILER tires, may I suggest that we stuff these tires with something too give them fullness, and you don't have to cut out the center plug anymore. So, those are a few comments I wanted to share with all of you builders ........and ROUND2, now that we have this one, how about the MOVIN ON KW or even better yet, another re-tool for the KW ALASKAN HAULER ?????? ......THANKS
  8. SMP 1960 Chevy apache

    Greetings builders, I'am currently re-building the SMP version as a long bed wrecker, and using the AMT 1999 release of the '60 Chevy fleetside for a parts donor. My question is as what engine to use for the wrecker ? is the original engine a little to custom for this or would it be better to use the later release engine. Not to savy in the engine department, your comments and thoughts please. THANKS
  9. Top Trucker Movies

    Here's mine, what's yours??? DUEL...White Line Fever...Convoy...Smokey and The Bandit 1&2 Duel for the mystery tanker, and W.L.F. for the good 'ol BLUE MULE.
  10. Kit score X's 2

    Greetings, Went to a fire department surplus swap meet today, little did I know , that I would come home with the JO-HAN caddy ambulance (flat box)....and the MPC chevy mini-pumper (1969 issue)... both kits are complete and unbuilt, crisp white and clean plastic, great boxes with no stains or smells. And here's the real kicker..... the vendor was ONLY asking $30 for each one.. WOW !! what a deal. My luck of the draw today. You can't even get'em on e-bay for that price.
  11. Changes at Model Cars Magazine

    My renewal payment has been returned to me, do we have an address for the new printer? don't want to miss out on an issue.
  12. Revell truck kit questions

    AUTO HAULER- How well does this kit hold six autos? any extra bracing needed to support the weight of the models...I'am going to use six AMT snap Ford explorers...and how about replacing those softer tires with newer ones...as this is an older release of the trailer. PETE & KENWORTH WRECKERS- looks like big kits...any problems with assembly...just better take it slow and easy with these...and how about the tires in these kits too... KW is the old first release and PETE is the newer release. as always, your comments are welcome... and thanks builders....John
  13. Ford W series request

    Hi Tom, If it would be any help to you, I have some old FORD dealer spec books with lots of drawings and data on the W series trucks. Please, PM me with your contact information so we can speak directly if you would like too. THANKS John....
  14. 1-Adam-12, 10-7

    THANKS..... For the memories Marty, from one Michigander to another. You didn't stay in Detroit to long, but at least you left us with a small part of HOLLYWOOD in Mich. Well, "PETE", now that your up there with the fluffy clouds, please tell "SGT. McDONALD " and officer "WELLS" we said hello. REST IN PEACE, Sir MARTIN, and THANKS again....... "ONE-ADAM-12 CLEAR"..............
  15. HOBBY LOBBY- kits on sale

    GREETINGS builders, Head on over to your local store, a select group of kits are on sale. Found an AMT C-600 pepsi delivery truck for only $ 23 bucks (reg. $ 38) check'em out. At least that's what is going on here in Michigan. ....... GOOD LUCK ....