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  1. taz added a post in a topic OEM+ Nissan PS13   

    mnay thanks guys! appreciate it!
  2. taz added a post in a topic OEM+ Nissan PS13   

    thanks guys!
  3. taz added a topic in Under Glass   

    OEM+ Nissan PS13
    Hey guys!
    Havent posted here in a while. Here's my latest build!
    The purpose of this one, was just to build a bada** s13, and I think Ive done that. Turned out just as I had imagined.
    A few hiccups, main problem being that I polished through alot of paint :/ but nevermind.
    Heres the spec list.
    scratch built: OEM aero bumper
    aero side skirts
    rear spats
    bonnet vent
    rolled arches
    engine bay with tubbed arches
    S15 wing mirrors
    custom tail pipe
    custom RC wheels
    custom indicator lenses

    scratch built: interior tub to replicate 1/1 silvia
    hydraulic handbrake and gear knob
    roll bars
    swithcboard on dashboard
    S15 dashboard
    Recaro bucket seat with harness and R32 GTR passenger seat.
    Battery relocation
    Detailmaster steering wheel

    Chassis modifications include lowering, increased neg. camber, scratch made anti roll bar, and various other components.

    Engine bay:
    RB26 taken from the tamiya r32.
    custom exhaust manifold
    custom turbo+plumbing
    modified intake plenum
    resin front mount intercooler, chopped and resized to allow fitment, with custom piping
    struts made from alumium and wire
    various details added


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  4. taz added a post in a topic street/drift mx5!   

    cheers for comments guys
    the tongue is meant to be a tow strap haha.
    Cheers for the tip mate!
  5. taz added a post in a topic street/drift mx5!   

    dammit i have a few more pics but it wont let me post them
  6. taz added a topic in On The Workbench   

    street/drift mx5!
    Hello chaps,

    this was a fairly quicky build, although I got very lazy in between building it.
    Wanted another model to add to my little collection.
    Mods are as follows

    Suspension lowered and cambered to fit new wheels. (Yet to stretch rear tyre somehow but leaving it for now even though it looks a little unrealstic!!)
    Exhaust sytem chopped and modified for new shotgun (single barrel) style exhaust
    Tinted rear lights, rear window and front indicator lenses with Tamiya smoke.
    Custom front lip.
    Tow strap
    Drivers bucket seat with harness
    Dished steering wheel
    JDM dildo gear knob
    grip tape on handbrake with drift button
    Roll bar
    Random stickers

    Here's the pics, I hope you like it as I do!!! ( the pics are pretty awful, sorry!)

    not sure if this is the right section, as its not totally finished! Need to sort the rear tyres out, maybe paint wheel centres aswell.
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  7. taz added a post in a topic Commissioned replica Nissan Onevia drifto!   

    thanksss guys!
  8. taz added a topic in Under Glass   

    Commissioned replica Nissan Onevia drifto!
    Hey guys!

    Thought I'd share my latest build with you
    Very happy with the results. A few imperfections.... bonnet fitment, polished through a fair amount of paint :oops: but otherwise, im very happy with it. The customer is too.

    WIP thread, here

    The original car

    And the scaled down version
    Sorry for the ridiculous amounts of pics!

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  9. taz added a post in a topic SR20 powered 180sx drift spec   

    cheers Tonio,
  10. taz added a post in a topic removing back seats   

    do you mean stripped out look?
    I didnt use any of the interior bucket from the kit, but you get the idea.
    heres mine, the pics do the talking.

    then eventually

    hope this helps.
  11. taz added a post in a topic SR20 powered 180sx drift spec   

    wow thanks alot guys Really glad you like it!
  12. taz added a post in a topic SR20 powered 180sx drift spec   

    Thanks for looking!

    Thanks matey! Glad you like it!
  13. taz added a topic in Under Glass   

    SR20 powered 180sx drift spec
    Hey there

    I built this halfway through building my fortune rx7, my skills developed alot on this build...so its quite a significant build for me in that sense.

    Tamiya kit, alot of scratch made parts-

    Interior-stripped look, roll cage made from brass, dash mods, door cards

    exterior parts, front bumper, rear bumper, sideskirts, guards, vents, bonnet, lights, kouki rear lights

    alot of engine parts, enginebay, chassis detailing etc

    Painted zero candy blue I hope you like it, Im a serious s13 enthusiast.

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  14. taz added a post in a topic 20B powered Veilside Fortune RX7   

    haha thanks guys! Nice to hear from you Jimmy!!

    The real car is mazda rx7 with the infamous fortune bodykit from veilside...but you cant buy a kit form of this, so I made it!

    Thanks so much guys, makes it all worthwhile when people like it!
  15. taz added a post in a topic 20B powered Veilside Fortune RX7   

    Thanks mate, for your very kind words.
    I'll post up more of my work, I just want to inspire people to do whacky stuff that they make think may not be possible. Im no pro, but with great supporters, and strong motivation, you can build anything!

    Thanks again mate!