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  1. <Whistles> She is a beauty.
  2. Hood scoop stock from box or fabricated? Over all it is a very Excellent build! love those graphics.
  3. Love what you did with those interiors. Great job on both.
  4. Too bad the car it's didn't run very well. . But that is an Awesome build you did in 3 days.
  5. That is one beautiful build you have there.
  6. Very Clean and Nice. I like them both!
  7. Unfortunately I only have Black Chrome BMF at this time. That is another great suggestion, thanks.
  8. This is a Fevell Kit. The headlight buckets on this kit where not chromed out. . I used MCM Ohana's suggestion with Aluminum Foil which I cut and glued to the buckets So far so good. I need to start looking at other items available for modeling. Thanks for the tip.
  9. That is a Nice build!. . And exactly the headlight reflection I am looking for.
  10. . . . Interesting I may very well try that. Thanks As far as I can see, there isn't a Chromed out piece/s for the heads in the chrome molds I am looking at. In the past I have had success with Elmers to a degree. . At least so long as I don't drop the model it's fine.
  11. The only adhesive I plan on use for my year long 49 Mercury kit project (Modified 50) is Elmers glue. . What I am looking for are idea's on how to get a nice internal reflection that is seen in many older cars. Or does the lense itself do that?
  12. I am so mind boggled. . Almost looks like a complicated kit. Excellent job!
  13. Just Beautiful! If didn't know any better I would almost mistake the car for a diecast it's that flawless. Awesome job!
  14. Hello everyone! After a long period without work and income coming, I finally can now afford to continue my hobby . But. . . In the process of an earlier reinstall of Windows on my PC, I lost all the sites I once had for Model Car KIt marterials, Decals, etc. So the purpose of my topic is get suggestions once again for sites selling Model after market materials, decals TV/Movie etc. Post them here. Many Thanks.
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