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  1. <Whistles> She is a beauty.
  2. Hood scoop stock from box or fabricated? Over all it is a very Excellent build! love those graphics.
  3. Love what you did with those interiors. Great job on both.
  4. Too bad the car it's didn't run very well. . But that is an Awesome build you did in 3 days.
  5. That is one beautiful build you have there.
  6. Very Clean and Nice. I like them both!
  7. Unfortunately I only have Black Chrome BMF at this time. That is another great suggestion, thanks.
  8. This is a Fevell Kit. The headlight buckets on this kit where not chromed out. . I used MCM Ohana's suggestion with Aluminum Foil which I cut and glued to the buckets So far so good. I need to start looking at other items available for modeling. Thanks for the tip.
  9. That is a Nice build!. . And exactly the headlight reflection I am looking for.
  10. . . . Interesting I may very well try that. Thanks As far as I can see, there isn't a Chromed out piece/s for the heads in the chrome molds I am looking at. In the past I have had success with Elmers to a degree. . At least so long as I don't drop the model it's fine.
  11. The only adhesive I plan on use for my year long 49 Mercury kit project (Modified 50) is Elmers glue. . What I am looking for are idea's on how to get a nice internal reflection that is seen in many older cars. Or does the lense itself do that?
  12. I am so mind boggled. . Almost looks like a complicated kit. Excellent job!
  13. Just Beautiful! If didn't know any better I would almost mistake the car for a diecast it's that flawless. Awesome job!
  14. Hello everyone! After a long period without work and income coming, I finally can now afford to continue my hobby . But. . . In the process of an earlier reinstall of Windows on my PC, I lost all the sites I once had for Model Car KIt marterials, Decals, etc. So the purpose of my topic is get suggestions once again for sites selling Model after market materials, decals TV/Movie etc. Post them here. Many Thanks.
  15. Okay thanks alot! I will go ahead and buy this kit at my earliest convienence .
  16. Freak'in Awsome!! I just asked about this model on the "General Forums" too. . So is this reissue a pretty good kit?? I have been wanting to built this model as it is the most popular car of my Birth year. .
  17. Man!! Idk. . I have had too many disaster's and failures with many of AMT's kits. . The 57' Chevy Belair, and the Charger Daytona Kit was about the last straw for me with this company. . These Kit's just sucked, either that or they were just bad kits bought at the Hobby Lobby for as cheap as they were. Either way I don't think I could trust any reissued kits. . Unless I know for for sure that many changes were made and implemented into the Molding process. .
  18. If I remember correctly you can only post 5 pictures from an http;/ source in one posting. . I do remember when it was explained that you should use a different photo insertion tool to post pictures, but I never could get the hang of it. . I myself would have to look up later on on how to post photo's on the forum. . or look at this posting for the General guide lines of posting on the forums. . http://www.modelcars...showtopic=52417
  19. davyou5

    '67 Impala

    Just Beautiful! Excellent job!
  20. Your color scheme for the Car might seem alitte akward. . But it ###### sure is a great color combination. Excellent job on this model.
  21. Actually I do have to admit that "Flat Black" on that Chevele looks Awesome! Not many cars can pull off that paint job and look that great! Excellent Job btw.
  22. Oh yes! This is very true!. . I always anticipate to learn something new every day. In the terms of skill however most are correct, some people are set in their ways, and of course become very skilled at what they do, they just do not look beyond for "other" idea's or way's to be creative. . Kind of like a Routine that does not change. . But I suppose it's just a matter of building up to a certain skill level, then by confidence trying something alittle different or out of the ordinary. . Idk. . But in any case this is a great posting and a good idea to open the minds of many. It is because of this forum, it's many builders and their knowledge that I myself have gotten many great Idea's, and learn many things along the way. . Thanks for posting this .
  23. Hello everyone, Well after a long period of being absent, I have finally returned. . and I just got hired on to a new job Finally!! Well I have been thinking once again about starting the hobby back up and finishing off one project build that I have had on the back burner for some time. . But my mother reminded me about the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 1978', since it was the most popular car of my Birth year. . . I do want to start such a project, but since many of my tools, paints, and other things were thrown out, I have to rebuy everything fresh. . But I wanted to ask the community, whats the best or better Model Kit (And company) for just such a car? I like Revell, but many of AMT's models were either major disaster's or just total failures, especially in it's tooling or mold injected parts. . . If I am to look for this car as a future project I do want to get some feed back or market research on which of the company's has a better model for the car if it was made in that year at all?? Much appreciated. .
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