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  1. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic looking for wheels for my dually   

    heres a few more
    copper pearl ( this is paint thats in a powder form)

    multi colors, silver powder, black dye & red dye in 2 seperate pours of resin

    and so you dont think im sh###ing you when i say CLEAR semi rims/tires.

    its not like water clear, but i havent seen a set like it. ( they now reside in sunny california--im making another set shortly)
  2. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic looking for wheels for my dually   

    or you could go about buying a set of my resin set for $5 a set of 4. They are from the 359, casted with a low profile tire from the 86 monte carlo streetburner kit ( the only set of tires that will fit a 359) Now be it, it wont be chrome but the closest i can do is cast it in silver & black, or any other color for that matter including clear. As far as i know, im the only guy to cast these rims up like this..and the only guy to ever produce an entire set in clear resin.
    heres a few pics to persue your interest. its either $5 a bag or $12-20 for the semi kit and another $15 for the streetburner kit...

    i can also do singles that will fit in a rubber streetburner kit tire

    the colors your seeing are NOT painted on..these are casted in color.
  3. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic '99 F-150 Ext Cab Flareside   

    and how is that? the truck is two 99 lightning kits put together...
  4. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic track truck   

    my mind stays on the radical track...if its not custom, its not mine!

    as far as this one, its still sitting, im in 3 different buildoffs at the moment and this one may be picked back up in 2011...since im kinda bent backwards and doin a very old school minitruck build ( anyone remember class act, the movie?) yeah..old school !
  5. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic 1/20 scale 98+ s10 clip   

    and speaking of clear pieces, i tried it out..it yellows in the mold and has micro-bubbles..something i cant fix. heres what the lights, w/o the bucket behind it ( still working on a thinner version of the lights, so a molded bucket will work with it.

  6. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic 1/20 scale 98+ s10 clip   

    thanks, and im in the process of doing that, even though these work just as well.
  7. slammdsonoma added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    1/20 scale 98+ s10 clip
    this is from a 1/20 scale diecast dubcity s10, a friend sent to possibly get casted out to upgrade a 1/20 from the old clip to a newer clip. I was having tough luck with this one, til i woke up this morning and realized that if i tore it apart and cast pieces as smaller parts rather than one big piece, itll come out better...and it did.

    Now i have a 4 piece kit that will glue up tight and set right in place to a 1/20 s10 or the blazer kit with slight modification to the body for true fit.

    im also casting up peterbilt 359 rims/tires, in silver/black or in the specialty line..which is whatever combination of colors ya want.

    ive pulled off deep purple, light blue, pink, gray, black, copper, silver...also can get green, yellow, orange. or variations of the lot.
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  8. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic 90 chevy stepside custom   

    thats not done with an airbrush..the silver is Testors One Coat Diamond Dust, then i very lightly sanded parellel with the hood lines with 400 grit to give the stainless steel look, then i went about using a black sharpie and a very calm hand & drew the lines & rivets. And it dont have clearcoat, this is just the color of the paint...i dont wanna take the chance of the sharpies running.

    Appreciate it impcon, i was here last year as bagged96ford..but think im here for good now.
  9. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic '99 F-150 Ext Cab Flareside   

    forgot to mention, im still working on this, will be adding details inside still, plus another 2-3 colors to the outside of the truck. also went and bought a billet grille from ScaleDreams and applied it

    i gotta get some pics of the 409 i have in it..
  10. slammdsonoma added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    '99 F-150 Ext Cab Flareside
    if anyone read that, they know there wasnt any ext cab 99 ford made...other than a lightning. I had 3 cabs 3 beds and a lot of time on my hands, so me, myself and dremel got our groove on.
    I raised the the rear fenders up to clear 26" rims/tires, shaved smooth, tonneau cover built into the tailgate, side and rear windows smoothed out, frenched plate in the rear of the cab, bodydropped with suicide doors that scrape, hood hinged, hand fabbed frame with 409 wired & plumbed, serpintine belt & billet pulleys do the dress up. interior is all custom with 2 flame amps, 2-15" subs on the back wall, 2 12" inverted subs behind the seats, 2 10" round inverted in lower area behind seats, suspension moves, sliding sunroof that works..etc...ill just post pics.

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  11. slammdsonoma added a topic in Under Glass   

    2009 Dodge Challenger
    This is one i built, or had to build after seeing a car on the Power Tour this year in Chattanooga, his car and mine differ in some spots. He was running 20/22" flat black viper rims & a shaker hood. But everything else is the same. His taillights were also a smoked color, so i toned mine down by painting the chrome black.
    Its mostly box stock and was built in about a week.

    comments welcome
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  12. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic track truck   

    an M1A1 Abrams * iraq 2003* model kit

  13. slammdsonoma added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    track truck
    this is one ive had for a few weeks, havent done much with it since im bombarded with trucks (too many). Started off life as a normal 90's style chevy dually, i changed otu the front with a 99, added front wheel flairs form a USA1 kit, tracks, gears & rollers are from a M1A1 Abrams tank kit. Frame is from the 4X4 standard cab hilux kit, stretched out to fit this truck. Engine is the 454 out of the USA1 kit as well. Also added a fire demon P/e grille in it

    hope ya like..comments welcome
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  14. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic Who Makes Realistic One Ton Bud Style Dual Wheels?   

    ive been casting up the semi rims from the pete 359 semi...they look like this when finished

    i also do the rim in silver, black, copper, blue, red, green..etc
    the tires i can do in black, resin color or whatever you desire.
  15. slammdsonoma added a post in a topic 90 chevy stepside custom   

    i was over here before, just dont show as much love on here as they do on LIL.