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  1. Hey guys have to make a comment on this post not really building anymore parts and kits have become way to expensive have other priorities to focus on but all though you say a grandville would be nice i did scratch build one actually 2 a while back sold one wich was a 72 still have this 71 wich is not for sale just wanted to let anyone know that not only a 71 has been built but also a 72 i also have many kits and parts kits and junk parts if anyone is interested klp121@aol.com drop me an email we,ll talk
  2. Were did you get the wheels from ?? I could use a set of those
  3. Update 12/16 added the a/c compressor
  4. Glass & trim update 12/6 finally finished the frt & rear glass , installed the rear bumper close to finished some small body detailing and engine bay plumbing left anyone know were I may be able to source an a/c compressor for this boat ???
  5. Great color choice that 454 badge is going to stand out very nice
  6. Looks good without the decals maybe because im so used to seeing them fully decaled
  7. No none as of yet waiting on the glass thought it would be here over the wkend
  8. For straightliner59 its the 74 issue mpc kit not a promo got it at a good $$
  9. if that is the actual bullitt mustang from the movie doesn't the son still own it ?? heard at one time he had one from the movie and one modified and restored
  10. Love everything about this cougar perfect color perfect top just like you would see back then
  11. I have the lindberg tbird still sealed if someone could blow up the body and bumpers to 1/25 scale id gladly sacrifice it
  12. Thanks came out better than expected so far
  13. just bought one of these on ebay may start on it when the 300 is complete most likely going stock or mostly stock anyway
  14. I don't normally get into these early cars im a 60s/70s builder but when I see one getting started I get more and more interested cant wait to see more
  15. gonna be quiet here for a while just ordered some pvc sheets for glass then going to finish plumbing the eng bay hopefully under glass pics soon
  16. the mods are perfect like to see the real one might make an offer great build!!!
  17. Were did you ever get that idea ??? love those t birds cant wait to see it done
  18. Finished up the rear bumper probably be the last thing installed on this build 11/22 still need to make up glass and paint headliner to complete interior then finally lock the body down
  19. Looks like a nice start does the alcohol really work ? how fast does it strip? does it damage or deform the plastic ?
  20. got the frt bumper on without a scratch or finger print
  21. Funny you should ask mopar!! just got the frt bumper together very cool!!!! still afraid to touch the bumpers though used a couple of 76 montecarlo headlights for the park/signal lights kinda looks like there on
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