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  1. 62rebel added a post in a topic Found this....   

    typical small block chevy. it can be whatever in that family you want it to represent.
  2. 62rebel added a post in a topic Anybody built the "Kart" from AMT's 1962 kits   

    there are modern examples of this kind of thing; several action figure companies sell figures with select parts of a larger figure that you have to collect to finish. I don't know how or why that would be illegal, just impractical...
  3. 62rebel added a post in a topic Revell Orange Crate 32 Sedan   

    it heats the metal and hardens it. straighten a paperclip, wrap it around a rod to form a coil spring, then heat it the same way and it will become a real spring capable of holding it's shape. if left untreated, it will not hold it's shape and will collapse under the weight of a model. be very careful as even 9v will render the item capable of burning skin, plastic and paper.
  4. 62rebel added a post in a topic Revell Orange Crate 32 Sedan   

    pass 9v across the wire to make it keep it's form. also good for making functional coil springs. you might want to put it at a steeper angle, as it appears to go straight to the crankshaft instead of down into the pan.
  5. 62rebel added a post in a topic Boss 302 F100   

    I can clearly see why nobody built one like that before.
  6. 62rebel added a post in a topic Rattle Cans - who still uses them?   

    At this stage in my building career, I'm not about to invest in an airbrush, compressor, the necessary equipment for cleaning and maintenance, and still pay exorbitant prices for paint and thinner, when there are so many colors and finishes available that require only clean dry surroundings and a clean surface for good results. Not going to diss anyone for going that route, just don't feel the need for that kind of complexity in my leisure pursuits.
  7. 62rebel added a post in a topic 1953 Ford F-100 Standard   

    Absolutely beautiful rendition, Tulio, absolute ART. 
  8. 62rebel added a post in a topic Opel Blitz "DAK" style   

    always cool to see what you've been up to, this is a neat rendition... I have a Blitz i was going to use to make an LRDG Chevrolet....
  9. 62rebel added a post in a topic 1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi   

  10. 62rebel added a post in a topic James Bond's Lotus Esprit sub car   

    I noticed Hot Wheels released a bunch of Bond themed cars around Christmas, I got my grandson several and they were a huge hit with him... one was the Lotus, but NOT in submarine mode. He's going to be a big classic car fan if I have anything to do about it... I suppose licensing fees are the big deal-breaker with James Bond stuff
  11. 62rebel added a post in a topic 1930 FORD A Monogram   

    c'est magnifique
  12. 62rebel added a post in a topic How many Revell Hot Rod-Licensed kits?   

    wow, seems like Revell ran their entire inventory through that line... not a bad idea, it traps collectors into buying ALL the THINGS. Has that '56 Chevy been issued since then? it was one of my first few models, I had the one with the full custom interior option, if there were alternates I never saw them. 
  13. 62rebel added a post in a topic What kits,etc.did you have once and wish you could find another..?   

    Superfly Gran Prix or Sweathogs Dream Car version. I had both when they were new issues, ended up trashing them, like most from those days; a Lindberg Jaguar D-type, even if it's horribly wrong; a '73 Pinto sedan, and the AMT Capri II kit.... the Testor's reissues of the IMC '48 Fords and Ford Lotus, and these select Johan kits, an S/Crambler, Javelin, Rebel SST, Boss Man '68 Cadillac, '64 Polara, Petty Belvedere, Sox and Martin 'Cuda, '68 Roadrunner, the Superbirds..... MPC's Mopar Missile, Motown Missile, ANY and ALL of the Pro-Stock series, and the entire Grand National NASCAR series, even with their incorrect engines and adjustable chassis...
  14. 62rebel added a post in a topic How many Revell Hot Rod-Licensed kits?   

    most, if not all, of these kits are reissues of iconic and desirable versions, like the Orange Crate, seldom seen in it's original version until lately. The Monroe Handler Mustang II, once a mail-order only item, saw light again due to this series, albeit with some rather lame '80's era decals throughout the line and deletion or alterations to many parts like wheels.... The Stone, Woods and Cook Willys has had several iterations over the years, although I don't think Revell ever changed anything IN the kit, except not including the SWC decals.... this series also included many fairly NEW kits in "new clothes", and some that were rather lackluster offerings yet padded out the "Hot Rod" line..
  15. 62rebel added a post in a topic What on Earth was Doyusha thinking?   

    Seems to me that we ought to have the choice to put the swastika on the kit or not... I suppose it HAS to be built exactly as it's portrayed on the box lid.