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  1. 62rebel added a post in a topic 200+ built ups moving out   

    Nearly all gone except my truly prized pieces. I'd like to have gotten a better return,but they were never an investment in anything but entertainment. Funny how many duplicate builds I started! I'm going to do another purge, this time of parts. I'm going to keep a core of often used pieces and offload the rest. East coast show goers will be seeing my old stuff soon enough. Please refrain from referring to them as gluebombs when you spot one or buy it. I put my name inside many, along with the date.
  2. 62rebel added a post in a topic 77 Boss 302   

    I had a 78 Rallye 5.0. factory, 150hp. The factory had little to do with what I had under the hood. As for any deficiency, it could take a turn at better than 45mph without losing traction. It had better brakes and steering than my 66. It rode better, and was built better. It hadn't rusted away from the cowl down.
  3. 62rebel added a post in a topic Christine gets trashed, finished pics.   

    Sorry, Bill, but laminated safety glass was universal by 1941..... Hollywood, however, ignores history on a daily basis!
  4. 62rebel added a post in a topic BMW 2002 tii   

    It's occurred to me that a close approximation of the correct engine could be sourced from the Revell 320i kit, along with the engine compartment. They're very similar. Just thinking out loud.
  5. 62rebel added a post in a topic I have this illness   

    The f100 is without a doubt an excellent kit, full of possibilities. I've built literally dozens. My experience with the Lindberg kit is limited.
  6. 62rebel added a post in a topic BMW 2002 tii   

    That was the factory color of my 76. My wife's was originally brown, I repainted it Massey Ferguson grey metallic. I happened to work for them at the time...
  7. 62rebel added a post in a topic What's In The Box, BMW 2002 tii   

    I hope that they follow through with a square tail light version. I've owned nine of them and would like to replicate the main two my wife and I drove. I only had one round tail light version. BTW, the black trim doesn't go onto or in the chrome, it is a lower body rub strip.
  8. 62rebel added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    200+ built ups moving out
    I've been working with a vendor selling the majority of my last forty years of building, so don't be surprised to see some kits you might recognize come up for sale. They aren't stolen!  I'm coming to realize that my skills and eyesight aren't a match for my imagination, and adjusting my itinerary. Inventorying the collection revealed almost a dozen AMT 49 Fords not including the two I'm currently working on, as well as six Revell Mercs... I have never finished one of those. Lots of replica stock and mild customs. A few sixties style gassers from a couple of years ago. Hopefully he keeps them intact and doesn't part them out, but that's up to him.
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  9. 62rebel added a post in a topic AMT Ferrari 250 GT SWB - Updated 08-05   

    I caught several of these at big lots twenty years ago, never investigated any inaccuracies, just built them so they've got problems.... I didn't care. Still don't. I'd build another.
  10. 62rebel added a post in a topic Comfort Models, Ya Have One?   

    The venerable AMT 49 Ford. I will never not be interested in building another one, and another...
  11. 62rebel added a post in a topic 1941 Lincoln - Monogram   

    This kit was one of the first ones I built as a kid. Went together so well, it practically built itself. Yours looks fantastic.
  12. 62rebel added a post in a topic Barris Villa Riviera   

    Rummaging through my parts bins, I managed to locate a few villa Riviera pieces, but they are hardly accurate. The grille, especially, is too thick in the bars, and without the extended hood and fenders, looks heavy.
  13. 62rebel added a post in a topic Lacquer on chrome yellowing   

    Unsure of the origin of the parts, but most of them probably come from China. Any proven method used to remove the lacquer without disturbing the chrome? On a side note, I was cleaning an old build of the AMT 29 A roadster I was returned by the family of the person I built it for thirty years ago. Castrol super clean seemed to soften the ancient Testors metallic slightly. Took the chrome right off some small parts, so SC is not an option
  14. 62rebel added a post in a topic Barris Villa Riviera   

    Not a lot of information on the real car out there, and I would love to build it correctly. 
  15. 62rebel added a topic in General   

    Lacquer on chrome yellowing
    Rummaging through my parts stash, I was troubled to find a lot of chromed parts suffering yellowing of the clear lacquer. Bad enough to have some that are matte finish, there are some cherished pieces among those affected. I keep these parts in plastic (polyethylene, I think) boxes. I will hazard a guess that the most severely affected pieces are actually more recent (ten years old or less).
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