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  1. 62rebel added a post in a topic AMT '41 Plymouth   

    Great kit to start off with; it goes together pretty well and there's plenty of online reference material. I've built three or four of these, the first one when AMT first released it, for my Dad, who had a 1:1 when he was a teen.
  2. 62rebel added a post in a topic I have a problem...   

    Slightly different problem: I keep starting the same build... and getting stalled. Case in point: I like building cars I've actually owned in 1:1... and, since that category includes nearly 200 cars since 1981, I tend to have trouble finding examples of ALL of them... and when I DO, I try to duplicate them down to trim level, color, wheels, everything... so, walking through the hobby shop, i've picked up several '66 Galaxies, '63 Galaxies, Mustang II's... and start gathering parts to get the details right... where are these parts? In kits I've already started.... D'Oh
  3. 62rebel added a post in a topic 427 SOHC valve covers   

    Ford must have done several versions during the development and, each time, the model companies were struggling to keep up! They make such beautiful engines... i love to build them but I seldom put them in a kit.... first one was one I put in the NEW '79 F-350 kit when it came out, as I had the one from the GT-500 kit which I had just scrapped for parts.. in 1979! My friend Chuck dissed the combo, said Ford would never put an SOHC in a TRUCK... he didn't GET IT.... In those days, I didn't quite understand that not all MoPars came with Hemis, not all cars rode on mag wheels, or had sidepipes... i MISS sidepipes
  4. 62rebel added a post in a topic 427 SOHC valve covers   

    I do think the spark plugs are in the wrong area on most of these.... I've got several books with actual SOHC's and the leads are nowhere near where they are on these valve covers.... oh, well. something we more or less have to live with.
  5. 62rebel added a post in a topic 41, Lincoln Continental Custom   

    The hump makes it a Continental, but Sprue isn't building a Continental... I see it reverting somewhat to it's Zephyr origins... and Zephyr's were swoopy cars.. beautiful, sleek beasts.
  6. 62rebel added a post in a topic 41, Lincoln Continental Custom   

    If I were taking the boot off, I'd leave the roof off as well, and contour the deck using the deck from a '40 Ford. Losing the bumpers? I could go either way on that, once the slope is established. I built three or four of these over the years, wouldn't mind trying another even though it's a BIG car in 1/24 around my 1/25 builds. So were the Packard, Rolls, and Duesenberg I had.... ex-girlfriends have/had them after I got tired of them.
  7. 62rebel added a post in a topic 427 SOHC valve covers   

    Sorry, they are NOT included in the current de-contented kit. You'll have to get an older issue. NONE of the optional parts except the SOHC fan belt is in there now.
  8. 62rebel added a post in a topic Favorite all time Kit\Build   

    AMT's '49 and '50 Ford coupe and convertible, and their '53 F-100... I must have two dozen of the cars in various styles, stock included, and several of the F-100 in various configurations; the last two builds have been full-on customs. I need to get the "Showboat" issue to do another "Sportsman" concept car.... I also like the '66 Galaxie kit, although it has some fit issues due to it's age. JoHan's SC/Rambler was one of my favorite kits as well; even with incorrect details. I never had much love for Monogram except the '41 Continental and '40 Ford pickup. Revell... the only kit I really LIKE from them is the Stone/Woods/Cook Willys. I've built several Tamiya and Fujimi kits but not enough to claim a "favorite". 
  9. 62rebel added a post in a topic no more MPC   

    I better shut up now, before my privileges are permanently revoked.
  10. 62rebel added a post in a topic Tool Extension possibilities   

    Round 2 could tool up a 4 door Belvedere off their excellent Roadrunner kit, and give us a proper base for an Adam-12 car.... reissue their '90's issue '57 Chevy with a new 4 door shell and interior sidewalls and appropriate seats... and their '67 Impala as a four door for Supernatural fans.....Revell could dig through their molds and get the rest of their Monogram and Aurora kits back on the shelves, especially the Tom Daniels stuff..(yeah, I know, they can't easily retool them into anything "new")
  11. 62rebel added a post in a topic 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Station Wagon   

    Nice build, cool color. These kits may not have the detail many expect but they do look good on a shelf!
  12. 62rebel added a post in a topic Organizing spare parts   

    Harbor Freight has some flat "tackle boxes" that are nice, come with different colored handles so you can "color code" your spares, and they stack safely without fear of falling over. I also have several small boxes I saved from when I worked for VW to store bagged tires in, and one of those drawer units I've had for probably thirty years, with wheels in it. What I NEED to do is finish the dozen's of nearly-builts and put THOSE spare parts in boxes... I'll be needing several more flat tackle boxes for that
  13. 62rebel added a post in a topic Tim Flock's 55 Chrysler   

    Leaving those parts removable is a neat touch, and you did a great job on this build.. I have trepidation about white paint for bodies as well... 
  14. 62rebel added a post in a topic my 1949 and 1950 Ford Sportsman Concepts   

    And that necessitated their removal from this thread? More bandwidth is wasted by repeatedly quoting posts than by allowing direct posting. I would have thought, once an image WAS posted, it was here for all time.... I suppose I am mistaken about that after all. But, I never took a computer course in my life so I may be absolutely, completely in the wrong....
  15. 62rebel added a post in a topic What the US Marines took to China in 1927 *Some groundwork*   

    when all you have is MAYBE some horses and light machine guns, even the smallest tank looks formidable!