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  1. I bought this kit around 1972 when I was 12. The body went on a Piranha chassis, the El Toro chassis went who knows where, and the engine was used in some project. When cleaning out my parents house I found all kinds of stuff, including the body and a lot of the engine. I was going to strip the body and put it on a Model King Camaro FC chassis (the El Toro shared its chassis with the Camaro, Nitro Charger and Novacaine FCs). However, the paint was in pretty decent shape. So I’m going to remove the hood decal which is in bad shape, keep the side decals, and polish the blue paint. A “test polish” worked well, and I have a decent “repop” of the hood flame decal. So I’ve built the Camaro chassis, used the El Toro engine (with parts box injectors), will use the Camaro headers, Revell front wheels and tires, modify the Camaro tin, and be good to go!
  2. Wow x 10 ! Or maybe Wow x 20 ! WOW!
  3. Very nice! Each of those three Mustang bodies has its issues - this is a great rendition of the SWC Mustang! Would you mind posting a shot of the Custom Body FC from the magazine?
  4. Tom West's story is amazing! I googled Charles Diker, the Aurora president he mentioned, and he went to undergrad and graduate school (MBA) at Harvard. But what was more interesting is his focus on scenes, and monster scenes - and monster scenes that snap together. His idea ending up causing Nabisco, who bought Aurora, quite a bit of trouble! Nabisco Picketed Over Monster Toys - The New York Times (nytimes.com) The fiasco was commemorated in 2021 and this is perhaps the more interesting read It’s the 50th anniversary of the most horrific kids’ toys ever (inputmag.com) Anyway, the whole idea that General Mills thought it was a good idea to buy MPC, and Nabisco thought plastic models and slot cars were a good fit with Ritz crackers is pretty bizarre when you look back at it.
  5. I still have the orange Duster in good shape in a box in my basement. These are cool kits - will have to pick up what Atlantis puts out.
  6. What are they going to sell to the police? Although I see a lot more SUV police cars today, and not nearly as many Chargers as I used too. I am hoping to have a few more gas-burners before I have to go electic.
  7. I imagine R2 just licensed the Hot Wheels name/logo for certain items - slot cars, the wall clocks they are selling, for use on plastic kits like the Charger Funny Car, etc. I am sure Mattel would ever sell/give up the Hot Wheels trademark.
  8. Any idea how much this shares with the “normal” version of the AMT ‘68 Corvette? It was the first kit I ever built (a birthday gift) and it got me into the hobby. Always wanted to buy another one but prices are too high!!
  9. All four are fantastic!!
  10. Maybe the best build of that kit I have seen. Very nice!
  11. Beautiful - although I am not sure what it is doing in the drag racing section!?!
  12. That is great!!! Really nice body work and love the paint, esp on the looonnnng hood.
  13. Really nice! Great paint, stance and wiring!
  14. Those look like nicely done wire-spoke wheels. Better than most based on the pic.
  15. I commend these guys as a new, currently smaller firm being able to get all the licenses they have. Hopefully if they want a Ford license they can get it. They are building themselves a nice track record.
  16. Absolutely fantastic!! Somewhere I have a pic of the real Underbird parked in front of the Waldorf Astoria in NY. Alan is my all-time favorite driver.
  17. Only one word to describe this: WOW!
  18. The “lighting” effect on the decals is great, and that Hot Pink color is perfect for a funny car of the era.
  19. Having grown up in Rome, NY, you know I am going to like this! Great job!!
  20. I ran across this thread and thought I’d revive it. I picked up a Surf Woody for $9.99 at Ollies last year. I liked the roadster look so built it that way.
  21. I like the paint! Looks good! I did a Swirladelic on my Miss Deal too!
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