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  1. eddie304k added a post in a topic 1970 Mustang Grande   

    Very nice.Takes me back to old times I had a 1969 Mustang Grande when I was 18 a long time ago.
  2. eddie304k added a topic in Under Glass   

    69 Camaro Z/28
    Messed up the paint so I just sprayed it flat black but it diden't turn out to bad.

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  3. eddie304k added a post in a topic Ferarri 365 GTB4 Daytona Coupe   

    Nice Ferarri I like the color.I'v noticeed that Ferarris aren't real popular on here.I put one on here and it didn't get much attention.I like them keep on building.
  4. eddie304k added a topic in Under Glass   

    55 Chevy Street Machine
    As you may have notice all of the models I have put on here so far have had some of the parts missing. Thats because thay all have come from my son and his friends.This 55 is straight out of the box. The color is Dupli-Color Sonic Blue Pearl with Krylon gloss clear.

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  5. eddie304k added a post in a topic 68 Dodge Charger   

    The paint color is Dupli-Color Dark cherry. The clear is Kryon crystal clear. No wipers or handles. Thanks for the comments.
  6. eddie304k added a topic in Under Glass   

    68 Dodge Charger
    68 Dodge Charger.
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  7. eddie304k added a post in a topic 69 RT CHARGER - MADE IN BRAZIL - FINISHED   

    Very sweet Charger.I am building one myself.How did you get it to sit low like that.
  8. eddie304k added a post in a topic Enzo Ferrari   

    It's the Revell kit.Some of the parts where missing after my son got done playing with it butt all & all it's not bad looking. Thanks for looking at it.
  9. eddie304k added a topic in Under Glass   

    Enzo Ferrari
    This is my first build in 33 years. My son got this for a birthday gift to years ago and it layed under his bed all that time so i got it out four days ago and started to build.I forgot how much fun it was to build model cars.My next build will be something easyer.
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