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  1. Soon! I really need to get my workshop area together and unpack. It has been years…
  2. Unfortunately I moved a few years back and this and many other projects are still waiting on me to get back at it. L..
  3. Looking good! Forgive me if this was already stated, did you mention what color you were thinking?
  4. not even close.. in fact I don't really have a "place" to unpack them. I have some outdoor things to attend to, hopefully after that I start framing my new indoor workplace.
  5. I really like the direction this turned
  6. Love the inspiration, and you are doing a fine job recreating it!
  7. Deadlines? Ha! What's that? glad to see you back on this one
  8. We kind of last minute decided to go to NNL East again this year. And since we are going I wanted to have more than one build to bring with me. This year's theme is "hot rods from hell" and I thought I could start a fun curbside and get it done before then. I am trying to use parts/kits that I otherwise might not use and found this kit in my stash missing some important parts. However all the body and interior pieces were there so it was a perfect candidate. Originally I was going for the pro-street look but using dually rear tires instead of slicks in the back. That idea never made it to far, maybe it was too close to the original Idea? Then today I started tinkering and noticed the AMT snaptite blazer chassis just about fell in place (I only had to trim a bit at the front) after that things started moving forward and I was making progress! Blazer chassis in, wheels and tires fitted, ride height set and the wheel openings massaged for those big tires. You may also note some plating / panels I started on too. A diamond plated hood scoop seemed appropriate That's all for now.. don't anticipate anything mind blowing here, just having fun with this one.
  9. I'll get back in this one soon, I kind of lost my way worried about how to paint it. I think I'll go back with my gut instinct though and see the original idea through. Last year was a weird year for me and I didn't finish anything. I intend to change that this year.
  10. one of those old AMT slammerz snap tite kits. I've probably had them 15+ years
  11. Thanks guys! It was a fun one
  12. that is really cool... dare I say two cool?
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