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  1. Thanks guys! I'm pretty excited about this one
  2. Stated today by trimming up the front of the frame rails to shorten this up a tad, I'm probably going to put the spring behind the axle and that would have ended up pushing the front out to far. I mocked it all back up to start figuring out the front cross-member. Then I got distracted by this gas tank I made for a different project and ended up not using.. Then I just went mad.. why would I do this?? And this... Super scary but super happy with the result. And where I left off for the night
  3. started as a drawing in illustrator, scored on the scrapbook cutter then finish cut and cleaned up. The first ones were done the same way. Just not as well
  4. yeah I'm thinking traditional meets modern. Im leaning towards doing a 302 ford with individual throttle bodies. as for color, maybe brown or mint
  5. So I can't leave well enough alone.. remade the rear cross-member and made a center one that will double as a transmission mount.
  6. I love this build. And man you work fast!
  7. This one has a deadline, so that should actually help. I work better under pressure
  8. thank you! Rarely does what's in my head come out into the real world, but so far this is an exception. Playing with ride height. Had to bring it up a little to actually be able to drive.
  9. And mockup for good measure. Still playing with the stance a bit, the rear will need to come up a tad still for sure. I'm not sure those are the final rear tires, but I did rob the wheels from a Revell 37 pickup. I like those on here I think.
  10. Progress was made today! It's been a while since I could say that. Started by cutting out 4 pieces out of .040 sheet. Laminated two together x 2 to make a pair of matching rails .080 (2 inches in 25th) thick. I like to weigh those things down so they don't warp while the solvent is drying. Starting at the back and working forward, made a matching pair of cross members for the rear. Progress check
  11. Getting ready to cut the main chassis rails..
  12. right now it's mocked up with the 29 kit tires and wheels. either brown or a mint color..
  13. Chopped the bed, need to get things like that and wheelbase figured out before I can start constructing my chassis.
  14. That's amazing I've always been envious of people that can work with brass like that
  15. This should be another one worth sitting down and watching, great start
  16. After dinner I got back to work, cleaned up the body a little more and roughed out a bed.
  17. One of my favorite shows each year is the buckeye classic in the spring, one of my favorite parts is the "buckeye challenge" where we all must start with the same kit. Last year Eric won with his amazing Cuda and picked the revell 29 roadster for us to all have a little fun with. This build will hopefully be my entry for this upcoming show. Starred with what we see here, you know I can't just build this out of the box right? You can probably get an idea where I'm going with this, but I'm guessing this next picture will help. The idea is a little pickup type roadster, I originally planned on using the back of the tweedy pie body. After cutting everything up I quickly realized I'd be better off reconstructing the back of the body myself. Roughed out and time to head off to thanksgiving dinner..
  18. Envious as usual of your visions and talents my friend
  19. And the kits are usually really CHEAP to pick up.. Although we probably shouldn't tell people that Thanks for the PM too, I actually needed a little boost, this one started kicking me a bit. I kinda like that it has a old "tuner" look, thats what I was going for I agree on shortening the rear, but I'm not sure I really want to get into all of that.
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