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  1. john sharisky added a post in a topic Pontiac five spoke rally II wheels.   

    My preference is for the Scale Equipment LTD wheels also. Rick's set with the separate (already chromed) trim rings have a more correct depth that the MPC wheels never had.  
  2. john sharisky added a post in a topic Air Trax   

    Contact Tapani Rauramo at:
    There are no decals included in the Cordoba/300 kit.
  3. john sharisky added a post in a topic 71-2 Pontiac Ventura question   

    I have one and it's very nice. I prefer it over one from Time Machine Resin that I've had for a while.
    Any variance between the two (there might be others) will only be in the castings as these are straight re-pops of styrene kit parts.
    Jeff at Firebird Designs is offering Ventura II "Sprint" decals from his on-line store HERE and also on eBay.
    For Rally II wheels, I always like to plug Rick at Scale Equipment LTD for their two-piece white resin wheels with separate, already chromed, trim rings.
  4. john sharisky added a post in a topic Any resin kits based of Moebius Chryslers?   

    I've purchased two of the 300C prototypes(shown above), one '56 Imperial and one '56 New Yorker coupe. I received the two prototypes first. I liked what I saw. Based on that I then purchased the two others.
  5. john sharisky added a post in a topic The Javelin & Other AMC Muscle Cars   

    I have both the Hornet 360 and '70 AMX from Missing Link Resin.
    (also not for sale)
  6. john sharisky added a post in a topic t.m.resin   

    Oh, I did finally receive the SE kit. One e-mail or a simple handwritten "Thank You" note with the kit would have left a much different impression.
  7. john sharisky added a post in a topic t.m.resin   

    He kept me waiting nearly two years for the '73 Dodge Charger SE kit purchased from his website.
    I have verification that he did same to a friend of mine.
  8. john sharisky added a post in a topic Any interest in a 59 Imperial Lebaron pillared 4 door sedan resin kit?   

    I'll take one.
  9. john sharisky added a post in a topic Another recaster alert! Page resins this time.   

    This "Page" guy ("Pedro"?) was set up at the last Detroit-area show (I don't live there - there was a partial photo of his table on the Spotlight Board). I found his e-mail address but he did not respond to me. His Facebook page is not public.
    He must be trying for "Business Man of the Year".
  10. john sharisky added a post in a topic Great news for Duesenberg fans   

    It'll be easy to find listed under eBay's "Completed Auctions".
  11. john sharisky added a post in a topic 1955 Crown Victoria Wire Wheels   

    Your photo shows replicas of the '63 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster wheels (not covers). These wheels now seem ubiquitous on (over)restored late '50's and early '60's Ford products.
    Your Mom sounds like a real hepcat for owning such a fancy Crown Vic!
    I'll bet that she had these cool Ford accessory wheel covers:

    (I took this photo)
    Unfortunately, The Modelhaus offered REALLY nice castings of these wheel covers.
  12. john sharisky added a post in a topic Another ambiguous engine-Cadillac this time   

    MUCH better is the engine cast by Ken Kitchen:
  13. john sharisky added a post in a topic Missing Link 70-71 cyclones   

    ...and Keith Marks offers VERY nice decal sets for both 1970 and 1971 Mercury Cyclones:
    Keith Marks Mercury Cyclone Fotki page.
  14. john sharisky added a post in a topic What A Deal!!,That hard to find part...   

    I just checked my eBay account. I've purchased six times from this seller in the past year (usually multi-part sales). Never a problem. I'm there to purchase model car parts - not to judge a sellers acuity. 
  15. john sharisky added a post in a topic 1970 Monte Carlo SS454 with stock Polycast mag wheels   

    Just to veer off into Pontiac territory for a moment, here's an excellent page:
    Pontiac Promotional Photo Errors
    I e-mailed the author:
    "...the last few lines of your take on the 1969 Firebird TransAm photo errors are cut-off by the heavy black bounding box. Can you tell what the last few sentences are?"
    He responded:
    "There's a whole array of non-production items shown in this ad for the 1969 Trans Am (see my other article titled "The Development Of The 1969 Trans Am" for more details). The overhead shot of this pre-production car was also used in the Pontiac Dealer Album insert that Pontiac sent to its dealers detailing the specs on the new Trans Am. Unfortunately, by the time the car was put into production, a number of items were changed. Over the years, dozens of 1969 Trans Am's have been restored incorrectly as resto shop referenced this magazine ad and the dealer album insert to restore a 69 Trans Am. As the decades have passed, more information, most notably the actual 1969 Pontiac Firebird assemblymanual used on the production line, have verified that only pre-production models were decorated as the above photos show."