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  1. Speed City Resin casts a stock, promo-like, '66 Dart two-door sedan. Scroll to almost the bottom of the page here. I think he casts his items in rotation. I was on the waiting list for some months before mine was cast. John
  2. I wish they’d find a center cap for the Mustang.
  3. Same here: many e-mails - no replies. I spend my money elsewhere. John
  4. USCP has sets with and without tires here. July 12th: Just checked with USCP. The OD of their Dunlop wheels alone (their part number: 24W080) is 18.4mm OD of the tires is: 28.5mm
  5. On April 24th I received 11 sets of decals from Ray's Kits (not my first order from him). One set was for the '72 Gran Torino Sport. I chose green: Website Highly recommended! John
  6. You're right! I had never unwrapped this kit before taking this photo. My 2013 Modelhaus catalog doesn't list a '56 Plymouth complete kit (maybe they did one later?). John
  7. Modelhaus kit to correct and enhance the JoHan/X-EL '56 Plymouth promo re-issue: John
  8. Beautiful! More photos please! John
  9. Thanks Pete! I'll give it a try. My favorite liquor store caters to smokers. I'll try there. John
  10. I don't want there to be a misunderstanding: that's not my build. John
  11. First of a two-part article on a 1960 Edsel Villager 4-Door Station Wagon Conversion ...sort of buried on edsel.com. Link to part two is at the bottom of the page. John
  12. ...and accurate. Also called "poverty caps" or "buttons". I've been thinking about these for a long while. Except for the AMT (also SMP?) kit annual '58 or '60 wheel covers, we haven't had in-the-day accurate wheel choices for our Edsel projects. I mean, as the 1:1's really were. Rico has some finely detailed items in his Shapeways store. He posts here. Some e-mail back and forth. Some photos back and forth. Finally some 3D file images exchanged. Now they're in his Shapeways store. I've purchased three racks. Eight hub caps on each rack. I purchased the more expensive "Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic" printed media. Translucent, I can't effectively photograph the caps themselves. Here are the racks that I purchased: A direct link to the Edsel caps in Rico's Shapeways Store. I've purchased ten different line items from Rico's store. The small-diameter "1972 AMC Hubcaps with scripting" are exquisite. The tiny "American Motors Corporation" scripting was what prompted to contact Rico with my idea of the Edsel hub caps. A direct link to Rico's Shapeways Store. Long convinced that the Edsel caps were a re-strike of of the small 1957-1959 Ford caps: ...I sent Rico dimensions of the Revell '57 Ford caps to work with. Here's the final 3D file image that Rico sent me: Here are 1:1 examples of the Edsel caps on a 1958: ...1959: ...1960: These Edsel caps might ring familiar to us oldsters or promo collectors. AMT did indeed receive this cap design from Ford. But mistakenly were worked out to full wheel covers in 1/25th for the '58 promo's. Here's a set of resin replicas that I have from The Modelhaus: These new caps give us another choice for the "look" of our Edsel projects for 1958: ...1959: ...1960: I've collected this photo of two '58's with the wheel rims painted black: The term "poverty caps" can be a misnomer. Here's a top-of-the-line '58 Bermuda four-door station wagon in the Ford styling courtyard. I put this image together from a Popular Science article on the Edsel introduction (Ford called the light-colored wood panels "Driftwood"): I hope that I've convinced you to consider these Edsel wheel caps as another build option. I've purchased Rico's Shapeways items because they'll add to my projects. But I wouldn't have continued to do so - nor approached him with this project - if the quality hadn't swayed me. I've also purchased from several other Shapeways vendors. I'll answer questions best I can. Thanks for looking and please stay safe! John
  13. Sold an AMT '68 annual last week. At the end of 7-days, page views were 500+. About double the views my items usually receive. John
  14. It's a '70 or '71. If it had the optional high-back front seats, that would peg it as a '71. John
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