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  1. john sharisky added a post in a topic 1955 Crown Victoria Wire Wheels   

    Your photo shows replicas of the '63 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster wheels (not covers). These wheels now seem ubiquitous on (over)restored late '50's and early '60's Ford products.
    Your Mom sounds like a real hepcat for owning such a fancy Crown Vic!
    I'll bet that she had these cool Ford accessory wheel covers:

    (I took this photo)
    Unfortunately, The Modelhaus offered REALLY nice castings of these wheel covers.
  2. john sharisky added a post in a topic Another ambiguous engine-Cadillac this time   

    MUCH better is the engine cast by Ken Kitchen:
  3. john sharisky added a post in a topic Missing Link 70-71 cyclones   

    ...and Keith Marks offers VERY nice decal sets for both 1970 and 1971 Mercury Cyclones:
    Keith Marks Mercury Cyclone Fotki page.
  4. john sharisky added a post in a topic What A Deal!!,That hard to find part...   

    I just checked my eBay account. I've purchased six times from this seller in the past year (usually multi-part sales). Never a problem. I'm there to purchase model car parts - not to judge a sellers acuity. 
  5. john sharisky added a post in a topic 1970 Monte Carlo SS454 with stock Polycast mag wheels   

    Just to veer off into Pontiac territory for a moment, here's an excellent page:
    Pontiac Promotional Photo Errors
    I e-mailed the author:
    "...the last few lines of your take on the 1969 Firebird TransAm photo errors are cut-off by the heavy black bounding box. Can you tell what the last few sentences are?"
    He responded:
    "There's a whole array of non-production items shown in this ad for the 1969 Trans Am (see my other article titled "The Development Of The 1969 Trans Am" for more details). The overhead shot of this pre-production car was also used in the Pontiac Dealer Album insert that Pontiac sent to its dealers detailing the specs on the new Trans Am. Unfortunately, by the time the car was put into production, a number of items were changed. Over the years, dozens of 1969 Trans Am's have been restored incorrectly as resto shop referenced this magazine ad and the dealer album insert to restore a 69 Trans Am. As the decades have passed, more information, most notably the actual 1969 Pontiac Firebird assemblymanual used on the production line, have verified that only pre-production models were decorated as the above photos show."
  6. john sharisky added a post in a topic '54 Corvair   

    Try this: log-in to eBay and search for ENDED auction number:
    It's a painted and assembled Scale Dreams Corvette Corvair. The photos are very good quality and will give you an excellent idea as to what a finished R&D/Curbside kit will look like.
    The kit that I have and this finished example seem identical, but I cannot say for certain.
  7. john sharisky added a post in a topic '54 Corvair   

    See this post from Dec. 2012:
    Dec. 2012 MCM post regarding resin Motorama Corvettes.
  8. john sharisky added a post in a topic Alright, we're getting a '48 Ford Coupe. How about a '41, or a '42 ?   

    Ken Kitchen resin casts a terrific 1942 Ford coupe:
  9. john sharisky added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    I purchase a lot of resin. Scripts and emblems are usually the final deciding factor if I purchase or not. Decals (such as those from Keith Marks) are cool too. Photo-etch attached to the master would probably be the preferred way to go for us blind old coots. I'm sure that there are people that can obtain artwork and take it to finished product for you. That'll be one less learning curve for you to climb.
    Maybe Art Anderson will see this and offer his always valued opinion.
    I like your Polara!
  10. john sharisky added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    Will you be doing scripts and emblems?
  11. john sharisky added a post in a topic Modelhaus Not taking New Orders Once Again   

    Mike at:
  12. john sharisky added a post in a topic 70-73 camaro front nose with full bumper   

    Check out the items on eBay (both listed and ended) from the seller:
  13. john sharisky added a post in a topic ...asking for some MPC 1967 GTO opinions .....   

    Maybe not:
    I have a set of Modelhaus replacement seats that exactly match the ones inside the green car above. They're in the familiar tan resin.
    I have a set of Hart's Parts replacement seats that match the black seat in the second pic above. They're in white resin.
    I hope this helps!
  14. john sharisky added a post in a topic T.M. Resin on eBay   

    Hmmm...I waited over two years for one of his '73 Dodge Charger SE kits. I eventually did receive the Charger. However, no communication in the interim. No "sorry for..." note. No "thank you for..." note. No "it's been shipped..." note.
    Just because you can mix up a cup of resin doesn't make you a successful businessman.
    Mikemodeler, ask this same question over on the Spotlight Board and you'll get the full low-down.

  15. john sharisky added a post in a topic Indy Pace Car decals   

    Try also: