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  1. I toured there as a senior in high school. They were assembling the newly downsized 1978 Oldsmobile and Buick A-bodies (as this brochure shows). Later, my (new) ‘83 Chevy Celebrity was assembled there. John
  2. I have not purchased this kit. Tapani sent me these photos. I did crop, re-size and added Tapani's e-mail address as a watermark. I've liked this design since I first saw an earlier 1:1 Kaiser Dragon as a teenager in the 1970's. Styling wise, they sure packed a lot onto a car of somewhat compact dimensions. For donor parts (driveline, front and rear suspensions), Tapani suggests the AMT 1955 Chevy Bel Air kit. Comparing the chassis photos to kits in my own stash, I see similarities to the AMT 1951 Chevy, 1953 Studebaker and 1963 Avanti kits. In doing a little research, I found a mostly interesting YouTube video review of the 1954 Kaiser sales brochure. A link to the video is below. Any questions, please e-mail Tapani at: raurata@yahoo.com Thanks for looking. Stay safe everyone! John YouTube video review of 1954 Kaiser sales brochure.
  3. Over *many* years, I've purchased plenty of resin from Don at Reliable. My eBay transactions with him have been like thousands of others. No better - no worse. When sellers and buyers stay within eBays rules, that's usually how it is. A look at Don's auctions since returning to eBay, his photo's and text tell me that he's a serious seller, in for the long run. He's become a rare eBay vendor (sadly) that takes the time and energy to develop an on-screen sales pitch for his items. Lately, we've all seen eBay vendors use the now moldy "as is" line, or the new lean-on: "let my pics be the description". Sure thing Bunky! First, how about posting photos that are in focus and properly exposed? Outside of eBay, have I waited extended periods for Don's items? Yes I have. I've also waited over two years for a Time Machine Resin item. A lot of us waited about two years for our final Modelhaus orders. Yes, Don and Carol are fine people. Yes, they were busy after their retirement announcement. I didn't want to cherry-pick facts for this response. There have been many other examples with other vendors. I've been an eBay buyer and seller since 1998 with hardly a problem (remember when eBay itself would shut-down for three hours every Friday morning?). I've had only one personal account. At my last job, I sold active and dead inventory on eBay (their account). That was fun! Items due for the bin found willing buyers and created found money for us! My employer sent me to the 2-day "eBay Live!" event here in Boston in '07. We were a Power Seller by then. I learned a ton! Not the least of which was more about successfully presenting and promoting your item(s) in eBay's format. The "pitch" that I mentioned above. (photo of me and eBay's "Griff" at an evening dinner and show) I find Reliable's quality comensurate with the price point. As always and with everything: caveat emptor. Whew! Thanks for looking! John
  4. Is there a non-Facebook way of contacting Tommy? John
  5. E-mail Kevin directly at: kawifreek@msn.com John
  6. I hadn’t heard about this kit. Thanks *very* much for posting this info. I ordered one. John
  7. Jeff Ballard of Motor City Resin casters does (or did) cast a '69 Mustang "notchback" coupe. John
  8. Missing Link resin offers the Camaro tall rear spoiler. John
  9. I can't post the photo. Sorry. I've tried multiple browsers. Also, after editing, there's no "Save" button. John
  10. Kevin lists this as a '71-'72 trans kit. To me, the grille design looks a bit more like a '72. The non-scoop hood has complete underside detail. The chrome headlights will need lenses. I'm nothing to Missing Link except an enthusiastic customer. I'm just passing this info along. That's a '71 GTO promo in my photo. If you have questions, please e-mail Kevin directly at: kevin@missinglinkrc.com or: kawifreek@msn.com John href="https://public.fotki.com/jsharisky/model_cars_and_such/missinglinklemanstr.html"><img src="https://media.fotki.com/2v2HUrkJSxvfat.jpg" border="0"></a><a href="https://www.fotki.com" style="font-size:12px; font-family:Verdana; text-decoration:none;"
  11. I once won a factory sealed AMT '75 AMC Matador kit on eBay. No chrome tree. Oh well... John
  12. I received some Missing Link items just last week. E-mail Kevin directly at: kawifreek@msn.com John
  13. Harts Parts is top drawer as far as I'm concerned. High quality castings. Vaughn flies just a bit under the radar is all. John
  14. Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland offers many high quality resin pieces for the Ford flathead. John
  15. Your survey: If I answer "Yes" to your question #1, I cannot answer question #2 (because I don't see the ads). I get a bounce back if I leave #2 blank. Maybe I'm screwy? John
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