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  1. The SEL wheels are superior to any of the Revell pieces. I have one extra set. Message me directly if you're interested.
  2. There's also this guy on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rayskitsdecalsnorthamerica (could be the same seller?)
  3. vintagemodelcarparts on ebay is Andrew McPherson in Ohio. John
  4. Revell also makes a scraper. I purchased mine from SpotModel in Spain:
  5. No trick. The images that the search engine you're using is finding are in the Spotlight forum "Archive". There isn't a clear way of finding a specific image once it's posted and archived. Their forum is in an elderly format that the new owners I'm sure want to - and will at some point - change. John
  6. Speed City Resin casts a stock, promo-like, '66 Dart two-door sedan. Scroll to almost the bottom of the page here. I think he casts his items in rotation. I was on the waiting list for some months before mine was cast. John
  7. I wish they’d find a center cap for the Mustang.
  8. Same here: many e-mails - no replies. I spend my money elsewhere. John
  9. USCP has sets with and without tires here. July 12th: Just checked with USCP. The OD of their Dunlop wheels alone (their part number: 24W080) is 18.4mm OD of the tires is: 28.5mm
  10. On April 24th I received 11 sets of decals from Ray's Kits (not my first order from him). One set was for the '72 Gran Torino Sport. I chose green: Website Highly recommended! John
  11. You're right! I had never unwrapped this kit before taking this photo. My 2013 Modelhaus catalog doesn't list a '56 Plymouth complete kit (maybe they did one later?). John
  12. Modelhaus kit to correct and enhance the JoHan/X-EL '56 Plymouth promo re-issue: John
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