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  1. Thanks. Loving your much more contemporary take on this kit. I wish Revell had considered offering stock versions of these kits.
  2. This is a build from about 15 years ago. Engine, wheels and tires from Revell '40 Ford Convert, MCG photo-etch grill and gauges. aluminum tubing exhaust routed through the frame. Other details include plumbed brake lines, fuel lines, and various hoses. Doors cut open and hinged.
  3. This one brought a smile to my face. I worked for a Milwaukee- area Pontiac dealer back in the -late '70s, that had a tow truck very similar to this one. I can also remember bringing in a few TA's on the "hook." Nice build. Love the attention to detail on the weathering of the TA as well. Story-telling with models—Love it!!
  4. Love the shackles and "slapper" bars. I recall a number of cars like this while in high school—mid-70s. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
  5. Indeed it does! Not sure if it's just the lighting, but it also appears that the clear coat has yellowed just a bit over the years which has made the chrome components look even for realistic. Love the color as well.
  6. Looks great! Reminds me of certain Hot Wheels car from my youth.
  7. I've used Crafter's Pick with great results. Cleans up with water. Available at Michael's for under $7 for a bottle that will last a long while.
  8. Beautiful work! Extra points for using the words "anachronistic" and "neurasthenics" in a post on a model car builders forum. Full disclosure: I had to break out the Websters Dictionary for that second one... Well played, sir, Well played.
  9. Beautiful!! Love the color combination, and the attention to detail.
  10. Exactly. Here in the States, it's referred to as fender welting. It appears that you added it to your model, which I thought showed great attention to detail. I love everything about your finished model.
  11. Did you add the welting between the fenders and body? Nice attention to detail.
  12. I was never really a fan of the Pro Street movement, but this is some killer work. Beautifully engineered, and striking in appearance. Well done. Keep 'em coming!
  13. Looks like something we might have seen at an early sixties Oakland Roadster Show. Well done. Love the bed cover (and the nod to the Ala Kart) Beautiful all around!!
  14. Picking back up on the WLS connection, does anybody remember Bob Sirott? He was the afternoon jock during the mid to late '70s and did a segment entitled the "BS Love Counsellor." Listeners would call in and tell Bob about a particular romantic issue or dilemma and he would comedically try to provide them a solution. I remember one afternoon, a woman named Rosemary called in to say that she suffered incontinence whenever she'd be kissing her boyfriend. He provided his typical nonsense advice, but what I remember most, is immediately after getting off the line with her, he introduced the next record: "Thanks for calling , Rosemary. And now, Edison Lighthouse with their hit, 'Love grows where my Rosemary goes..."
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