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  1. Absolutely fantastic!! What did you use as the basis for this? Having just sold my 1:1 (pic's below), I'd love to recreate it in scale. Beautiful work, my friend!!
  2. Love everything about this build!! Clean execution, details where they matter most, stance. Beautiful job all around. Only nit-pick would be to remove the wipers, leaving only the posts, as they likely would have been blown off during the first pass down the strip anyhow! Love it,man!
  3. Lesser adorned (low trim level) cars never seem to get the love they deserve. Glad you recognized the oversight and created this homage to those great cars. Well executed, sir!
  4. Gorgeous! Love the color. Detailing is fantastic. Well done!
  5. Beautiful work!! Just the right amount of patina added to both. Well done, sir!
  6. Gorgeous build, Anders. I just picked this kit up a couple weeks ago. Your well done execution of it has me excited to break into mine. Stunning! Great job!
  7. Can't answer question 1, as i haven't yet built mine, but the answer to question 2 is "YES!"
  8. Having grown up in the midwest, I recall more than a few that looked much like your example. Well done. Great attention to detail.
  9. Michelle, you have to be one of—if not THEE—most prolific builders on the forum. Nice job overcoming the obstacles with this one! Really like the colors.
  10. Love it!! A killer build that tells a story... Awesome!
  11. Gorgeous!! For all of your reluctance to take this on, you absolutely killed it! "(The) kit supplied ones look and fit like a dogs breakfast." I'll be chuckling over that for a while! Thanks for sharing the finished product (and the laugh).
  12. Super clean build with tremendous attention to detail. With some clever outdoor photography, no one would be able to distinguish this from the real thing. Well done!
  13. Stunning!! Very convincing. Love all of the little details; empty clothes line stand, climbing vines pushing away old lap siding, fuse box that no longer closes properly, aged and distressed roof shingles, and a rusty cross-cut saw. Fantastic!! Beautiful work.
  14. Love it!! Can't wait! Thanks for the update, Dave!
  15. Thanks, Claude! High praise coming from you. I've enjoyed your many builds as well! Always inspiring. —Mike
  16. Thanks everybody, for your kind words. I'm continually inspired by all of the other great work shared here by modelers like you. —Mike
  17. Well, whenever you do get around to building one of them, I think you'll find that they're incredibly well thought out, and make for an enjoyable building experience. Thanks for your comment.
  18. Wow, Bob!! Hardly the work of a rookie!! These are great. Quite the quick study, sir!! Well done.
  19. Good evening, all. Just completed my first Moebius kit, and while I won't tell you that it put itself together, I will commend Moebius for having produced one of the best-engineered kits I've personally ever had the pleasure to build. First build in over ten years, so still knocking some of the rust off, but I am pleased with the effort. Not perfect, but I've never known that experience, so can't say I'm disappointed. Anyhow, enjoy the pic's. Constructive comments always warmly received. Tamiya TS-7 Racing White; AS-29 Gray Green with Top coat TS 13 Clear
  20. That's funny!! Couldn't agree more with your assessment of the movie. Not sure how many HIPAA violations that hospital commits?! Much like the aforementioned hubcaps, probably too many to count!
  21. My completed models found least embarrassing to moi. (which is my sole criteria for "crown jewel" designation.)
  22. Steve, Absolutely loving what you're doing here. The work is outstanding, and I love the concept. As I looked at the profile of what you have so far, I wondered what it might look like with the 'B' pillar moved a few inches forward and canted slightly more forward, so opened up P-Shop and did a little playing around. (Just added a second image toying with the B-pillar widened with some 55-56 BelAir-inspired vents. Just food for thought/consideration. Whatever direction you go, I know the finished result will be outstanding. Enjoying the ride...
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