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  1. Enjoyed the movie. Love your adaptation. Nicely done!
  2. Fantastic!! If built as 1:1, it would be a contender for the AMBR trophy, I'm sure of it. Beautiful workmanship, and has been pointed out already, your choice of colors works perfectly.
  3. Thanks for the head's up, I'll keep my eyes open.
  4. Great job! Your example makes me wish I'd ordered a kit or two from Fisher before the company's tragic demise in the horrific Camp Fire in Paradise, CA, last November.
  5. Well done! I love seeing the lower trim level cars reproduced in scale. The only nit I see (and you may have intended this as part of the custom approach), is the omission of the wing (vent) windows. They were dropped for the '69 and later model years, but the '68's still had them. Again, great build!
  6. Probably the best option for creating an accurate ’56 Hardtop is to combine the excellent Model Car World resin ’56 body with the Revell Del Ray kit as donor. http://www.mcwautomotivefinishes.com/resin/resinlist.html
  7. Hey, all, I'm preparing to build a late-40s era mild hot rod 36 Ford 5-window, and would like replicate the thread-wrapped plug wires that were common for that period. Any ideas as to if such a thing exists in scale, or how one might replicate (simulate) the look? Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions.
  8. Matt Damon's a good actor, but not sure he's the guy I would have cast for the role of Carroll Shelby. Matthew McConaughey would have been a better likeness, and being a native Texan, would have been more suited to the role. One man's opinion. I'll be going to see it, just the same.
  9. Very nice!! Love this approach.
  10. I've not picked up one of these kits, but the cover art and the actual concept vehicle both omit the "B pillar and quarter glass, making it a pillarless hardtop, where the production vehicle has a fixed 'B' pillar that the fixed quarter glass covers, creating the illusion of a "no-post" hardtop.
  11. Love this! I have a similar project going that stalled out a few months ago. This has served to inspire me to press on. Nice job, and thanks for sharing!
  12. I know this is a "movie cars" thread, but when it comes to accuracy and Hollywood, it's hard to knock the Mad Men TV series. I always looked forward to seeing what car Don or the other Madison Avenue boys would be driving during every episode. https://www.autoblog.com/2015/04/07/top-five-cars-mad-men/
  13. Watertown

    40 years!

    Bill, having followed your builds over the years, you should know that you've awed and inspired many. Hearing of your humble beginnings just gives hope to that many more. Thanks for sharing the story. Keep on building, my friend!
  14. I'm convinced that gremlins randomly select kit boxes to take up residence in. No rhyme or reason for which kits are selected, but you can take solace in the fact that you bested this one by completing the kit—and quite nicely, I might add.
  15. Congratulations to your son on the fine build. I wish mine had turned out so well at that age! Lastly, high praise to you as his father, encouraging him to create something he can share, display and be continually proud of, may be the best gift, and is quite frankly the best part of this story. Thanks for sharing, this wins best post today honors.
  16. Whenever I would fly back to Wisconsin, this was a "must visit" destination. So sad to hear that it's gone.
  17. Watertown

    58 Edsel

    Couldn't agree more. 58 Buick and Oldsmobile come to mind.
  18. Gorgeous!! Nicely done, and I love the color selection.
  19. Watertown

    29 Model A 823c

    Best example of pioneer hot rodding In scale I've seen yet! Nice work!
  20. Love it! Not overstated on appearance, but long on power. Great build!
  21. The ’69 kit, as mentioned, is simplified, but produces a nice end result. One caution, however, avoid the molded-in-orange version if you can, as that kit can pose some paint opacity issues.
  22. The weathered vinyl top separating and lifting at the seam is a nice touch and deftly handled. Nice job.
  23. Either will be greeted with much enthusiasm. Thanks for the update!
  24. I thought I saw/heard that Moebius had planned to produce a '65 Dodge AWB kit. Assuming that's still on, any word on a release date? Love their kits, and I'm really excited about this one!
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