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  1. Mr. Show added a post in a topic '87 Thunderbird Turbo   

    Well, 20 degrees F which is a little over 6C. But it's the wind that has been bad which has been minus 17C.
  2. Mr. Show added a post in a topic '87 Thunderbird Turbo   

    Carving some brake discs. This will actually be my first complete model and I wasn't expecting this much custom work, but it's been a lot of fun so far.

    The temperature today is finally over 20 degrees so hopefully I can get some painting done.
  3. Mr. Show added a post in a topic '87 Thunderbird Turbo   

    That looks great. Is that spoiler from a firebird?

    Also, I have an aero bird bumper from the Tbird SC kit if you want it. I'll be doing that one stock so won't need it. Here's a picture:

    The slots on the bottom are exhaust ports. Kind of funky looking, reminds me of the custom Buick Electra rear end.

    Also for others doing a car with the 2.3l in it, the book "40 years of Mustang" has some outstanding pictures of it. They have details I've not seen anywhere else which will be really helpful. Should be able to get it at your local library. Also a really interesting book otherwise; it was sad reading about how the Mustang got crippled in the late '70s and '80s, and a lot of information on how car companies worked back then. Ford did some shady things.
  4. Mr. Show added a post in a topic '87 Thunderbird Turbo   

    Small update. I've had it with the stock bumper. It never fit right and was always too short for the body leaving major gaps that I can't repair at my skill level, so I'm using one from an old f body Mustang. It fits perfectly and won't take much work to align to the body. Just have to strip it, fill in the writing at the bottom, hit it with the dremel and some filing and it should be good.

  5. Mr. Show added a post in a topic 62 impala custom   

    Very nice. I really like the clean look and the wheels are perfect.
  6. Mr. Show added a post in a topic Using Pledge Floor Care Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine   

    This just occurred to me and I haven't seen it elsewhere. I know people use future on clear parts for a shinier, more realistic appearance. Can you also tint future then use it for a tinted glass effect? If so, what would you use - water based acrylic, enamel or lacquer? I would have tried it already but I don't have any spare clear parts I want to ruin.
  7. Mr. Show added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '87 Thunderbird Turbo
    I know contemporary cars aren't popular around here but I like them.

    I've been working on this thing on and off for a month. I was going to do a metallic silver and green two-tone originally. As I was prepping the HoK candy green after the silver base coat had cured the can blew a tiny hole in the bottom where it meets the cylinder. I hadn't even put it in very hot water, though I did shake it rather hard. So I stripped the body and decided to go with just a single body color - grape pearl. I hate enamel but I don't have anything else that would look good.

    The pre-turboized engine. I've got a little more weathering to do to blend the chips I made and fix some painting error. I hate transmissions that are molded to the block.

    I decided, probably a little late, to fill in the trim to make one smooth line. Depending on the wheels this will be either black or chrome foiled.

    I messed up a little while weathering the chassis but it should be an easy fix. Also lost an A arm and still looking for a replacement.

    The front bumper with a couple mist coats. Glad I didn't put too many on or it would have been a nightmare trying to fill in the trim.

    Still deciding what wheels to use. I'm leaning toward the one on the bottom since I think that would look great with purple but it also looks a little too drag carish.

    Also since I'm still new to the hobby, tips and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated.
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  8. Mr. Show added a post in a topic Help: Sandpaper   

    You can find 2000 in the auto section at Wal-Mart. It's the finest I've found anywhere locally, including huge auto parts stores.

    You may also want to pick up some swiss files, sometimes called hobby files, needle files or jeweler's files. I couldn't live without them. You can get cheap ones online, or if you have a Menard's they have a nice set for ~$7.
  9. Mr. Show added a post in a topic Need help modifying a diecast   

    I can only answer your second question. JB Weld is definitely the way to go for joining metal to plastic, or anything to anything really - I love JB Weld. There are no no mixing ratio problems since it's 1:1. In my experience it's not messy at all and easy to apply, and it'll hold the pieces forever.
  10. Mr. Show added a post in a topic rust & weathering beginner kit?   

    Weathering is a lot of fun, but man the temptation to go overboard is strong. I ruined a chassis that I had looking really nice with light rust and black washes, then thought to myself "Hey! What about airbrushing a white gray wash for a dried dirt appearance?" It went from a subtle rust and grease effect to a kaleidoscope. The gray covered pretty much all the detail from previous washes. At least it should be easy to fix, or at least I can't make it look any worse.
  11. Mr. Show added a post in a topic How do I remove paint from a model   

    91% alcohol will take lacquer off fairly well. I've gone to that since messing with brake fluid is too messy and toxic.

    If you do go the brake fluid route it'll probably be your best cheap option. It'll take off anything within a day.
  12. Mr. Show added a post in a topic Where do you find your reference pictures?   

    Don't mean to bump my own thread, but if others are looking for sources, I've found auto repair manuals to be a great help. Any library should have them. I picked up one for the Taurus since I'll be doing a SHO soon and the detailed engine and chassis pictures will be extremely helpful.
  13. Mr. Show added a post in a topic Sweet Model score from the Goodwill   

    I've done quite a few thrift store runs since getting into the hobby a month ago. Pickings have been slim so far (Rolls Royce, Space Shuttle and Corvette all I've found in 20 or so visits.) I did see a huge bag full of train stuff at a Goodwill, but knowing nothing about trains nor being interested in them I passed it by. Plus I'm sure it would have been $30+ even if it was garbage since Goodwill prices can often be ridiculous on things they think are valuable.

    I also quit shopping at Goodwill after a friend who used to volunteer there told me how the employees who go through the donations in the back set aside the good stuff so they can buy it.
  14. Mr. Show added a post in a topic Where do you find your reference pictures?   

    Awesome. Thanks a lot.
  15. Mr. Show added a post in a topic Where do you find your reference pictures?   

    You can hit print screen then paste them into MS Paint (if you don't have any other paint programs) and save.

    I didn't have much luck on eBay for this particular model. Oh, I just remembered Craigslist. There's no doubt pictures of every car in existence on there. Just google "craigslist.com: car name" to search all cities and states.