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  1. Hi Mike, Yes we are up and running regularly. Bear in mind that we are published BI-MONTHLY which means six times a year. We are not a monthly magazine. Not yet, anyway. Best regards,
  2. Hi Jim, Your subscription will start with issue 208, which is in process of finalization and being sent to the printer. I'll post when the issue has been sent out. Best regards,
  3. My apologies, Mike. With all my editorial obligations I don't always get to the Forums as much as I'd like. I promise to try and do better! Best regards,
  4. Hi John, Your subscription will start with issue 208, which is in process of finalization and being sent to the printer. I'll post when the issue has been sent out. Best regards,
  5. Hi Bob, I appreciate both your kind words and your good wishes. It is my sincere hope that we meet the best expectations going forward. I am in the process of authoring a new set of Writer's Guidelines that will be publicly posted and available to all. These will be quite specific and include photographic guidelines, how to submit articles, acceptance or rejection of articles, and remuneration agreements for published items. There will be no stone unturned as everything will be plainly spelled out so that there will not be any confusion or misunderstandings. And they will be reviewed by at least one legal mind before they are published. Trust and confidence are the bedrock of the type of publication we produce, and all of us team members understand the fallout of that tree being shaken. In the words of a US President of the past, "trust, but verify." Gregg has had more than his fair share of obstacles and tragedies, however, he has something else: good friends, and quite a few of them, including all of us on the team that stepped up together with him to resurrect a great magazine and make it even better than it ever was. The naysayers will take potshots at us to assuage their own egos, even to the point of wishing death to the magazine just because they can. We are already seeing examples of that on this Forum. I, nor anyone else on the team, will dignify such vitriol with a response. Those that just say "I'll wait and see" will be pleasantly surprised,, and those who support our efforts will hopefully enjoy the kind of high quality, informative articles that earmarked the original Scale Auto Enthusiast magazine (pre-"Scale Auto"), Plastic Fanatic magazine, the first 18 years of MODEL CARS, and of course, the automotive content in IPMS Journal. Smoothing out the lumps and bumps of the past few years and making efforts to restore confidence and turn around all that bad blood isn't my favorite part of the job, but its one that has to be done if we truly want our readership to feel that MCM is THEIR magazine- and we do want that to be the case. I hope that, as we move toward some degree of profitability, that the remuneration issues will all be solved, That said, I hope you can return as a contributor once that occurs. That Duesenberg is nothing short of awesome! Happy New Year, and best regards,
  6. Hi Peter, Heartfelt thanks for your continued support and understanding. Best regards,
  7. Hi Rick, Send me the details of this in an email please. I have no knowledge of many issues still outstanding. Also please understand, my responsibilities for the magazine are EDITORIAL ONLY. Financial control rests with Gregg. I can only do what I can do.
  8. Friends of MCM, When I accepted the position of Associate Editor, I knew that a lot of bad blood existed from the past few years, and that turning that bad blood around will take a bit of doing. And if there's one thing that always burns my toast, so to speak, its festering negativity. Many of you understand it wasn't easy to bring MCM back from the dead, so to speak. Our new team is dedicated, VERY dedicated. We love the hobby, we love the magazine., and we are fellow modelers. Most important, we are dedicated not only to keeping the magazine coming on a regular bi-monthly basis, but to restore MCM to financial health so that we CAN keep the magazine coming on a regular basis with the kind of quality all of you have come to expect. Several people have told me, publicly and privately, that they have not been compensated for editorial contributions made in the past few years. Gregg and i have discussed this several times, and I can tell you that it is his intention to correct that situation once MCM has been restored to financial health. And I know him well enough to know he intends to follow through with that commitment - and that would include Mr. Steinbrunn. I know that for some individuals, the bad blood will continue for some time, and for other individuals, "kicking a man when he's down" will always be the sport du jour. However, for the vast majority of you, you have my commitment that MCM will grow to be the best and most useful car and truck modeling publication in an age when just such a publication is needed. And I count on your support as we overcome the remaining hurdles to profitability. Thank you for being friends of MCM and for your continued support of our efforts. Happy New Year to all, and best regards,
  9. What matters to me is that the subject matter - the second generation VW bus/van - has never before been the subject of a plastic model kit. Revell have proven in the past that a well detailed snap kit can be successful, and from the looks of the photos of this kit, it looks like they have done it again. I'm looking forward to this one, not only to review for the pages of MCM, but to build for myself! Cheers, all.
  10. Hi Wayne, Have them contact Gregg Hutchings at gregg@modelcarsmag.com. He can give them all the necessary details to become an MCM dealer. Thanks and regards,
  11. Hi Cliff, Subscriptions start with the next issue following your subscription registration, not the current issue. So your subscription will start with #208. Best regards,
  12. Hi Brian, On behalf of the MCM team, thanks so much for your kind words. Best regards,
  13. Hi Dave, Not at this time. In the near future you'll be able to order any available back issues, #207 included, from our website. The website is undergoing a major transformation - the revamped site will premiere in the new year. Watch for it. Best regards,
  14. Hi Mike, Thanks for your comments and insights. I'm always glad to get feedback on the magazine. Best regards,
  15. Hi John, Look for a posting in this Forum titled SUBSCRIPTIONS UPDATE 10/29/2020 - PLEASE READ. That will give you all you need to know about subscribing to the magazine. Best regards,
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