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  1. Hi Chaz, Many thanks to Casey for sharing my earlier post and explanation with you. Your first issue of the subscription will be issue #210, due September/October. Best regards,
  2. Hi Patrick, You can subscribe online at https://simplecirc.com/subscribe/model-cars-magazine?c=international. Current rate is $55.00 USD for a one year subscription outside of the USA. Best regards,
  3. Hi friends of MCM, Great news! Digital downloads of MCM back issues - including the recent issues 206, 207, and 208 - are now available for sale online from Magzter. To see what's currently available, click the link below. https://www.magzter.com/magazines/listAllIssues/9636 Best regards,
  4. Hi Tom, Thanks for the kind words. We're on track for a brighter future. Best regards,
  5. Hi Stephen, Gregg handles all subscription inquiries. Please send this in email to subscribe@modelcarsmag.com. Best regards,
  6. Hi Brian, Many thanks for the kind words. The paper stock issue will be addressed in the not too distant future. Its on the "to-do" list, though I can't say exactly WHEN. Best regards,
  7. Thanks, Danno. It was a great birthday indeed. Best regards,
  8. Hi Tony, Like I said earlier, its only going to get better and better. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Best regards,
  9. HI friends of MCM, New issue #208 is printed and is on its way to our dealers and subscribers. Here's a sneak peek at the cover! Enjoy!
  10. Hi Jim, Thanks for the kind words. If things keep going the way they have been going for us lately, the best is really yet to come. Best regards,
  11. Hi Dan, Isue #208 is being mailed now. As far as the rest, as I said earlier, we're working on that. Hang in there with us as we continue to sort out the issues. Thanks and regards,
  12. HI Mike, We're tirelessly working on getting the magazine on a regular schedule as it once was. We still have a number of hurdles to overcome given where the magazine was and where it is now,, and I won't discuss those here. We do, however, continue to ask for your patience as these are sorted out, so we can continue to provide you with the best and most relevant car modeling magazine possible. Best regards,
  13. What I said back then was not that #208 was being printed and mailed, but in answer to a subscription question, I replied "Your subscription will start with issue 208, which is in process of finalization and being sent to the printer. I'll post when the issue has been sent out. .". It generally takes several weeks to complete all that needs doing before an issue is ready to send off to the printers and the mailings begin. The printer would not receive the magazine for publication before all the necessary finalization steps are completed. I only post that an issue is being printed and mailed when it is actually happening. Your patience is appreciated.
  14. Hi Mike, Yes we are up and running regularly. Bear in mind that we are published BI-MONTHLY which means six times a year. We are not a monthly magazine. Not yet, anyway. Best regards,
  15. Hi Jim, Your subscription will start with issue 208, which is in process of finalization and being sent to the printer. I'll post when the issue has been sent out. Best regards,
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