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  1. Hi Cliff, Subscriptions start with the next issue following your subscription registration, not the current issue. So your subscription will start with #208. Best regards,
  2. Hi Brian, On behalf of the MCM team, thanks so much for your kind words. Best regards,
  3. Hi Dave, Not at this time. In the near future you'll be able to order any available back issues, #207 included, from our website. The website is undergoing a major transformation - the revamped site will premiere in the new year. Watch for it. Best regards,
  4. Hi Mike, Thanks for your comments and insights. I'm always glad to get feedback on the magazine. Best regards,
  5. Hi John, Look for a posting in this Forum titled SUBSCRIPTIONS UPDATE 10/29/2020 - PLEASE READ. That will give you all you need to know about subscribing to the magazine. Best regards,
  6. Hi Noel, That's one of the things we are looking into. We'd like to have UK distribution happening soon. Best regards,
  7. Sorry to hear that. Any hobby shop closing is sad news for all of us. Please let us know if any shop on our list is no longer in business. We appreciate it. Best regards,
  8. Hi Lee, The list of dealers s being worked on and will be posted to the MCM web site when its verified and completed. Best regards,
  9. Hi Lee, Issue #207 has already been sent out, so if you subscribe at this time, you'll start with Issue #208. You'll be able to get issue #207 either from one of our dealers, or as a back issue ordered through our web site. Thanks and regards,
  10. Hi John, Please see my posting in this Forum titled SUBSCRIPTIONS UPDATE 10/29/2020 - PLEASE READ. Everything you need to know is in that posting about how to subscribe. Regards,
  11. Hi Randy, Thanks for the kind words. I'm still doing the Kit Reviews for MCM as I have been for the past nineteen years. However, quite a few people have asked me to bring back "Strictly Stock" and its under consideration, but in a much more expanded form. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks and regards,
  12. HI Randy, The first new issue of the rebooted MCM (#207) has been mailed and is in transit to our dealers now. I think you'll be pleased with it. Thanks and regards,
  13. Hi Ron, The magazine has had some difficulties in the recent past and is in the process of rebooting. Gregg Hutchings still owns the magazine. There's a new team in place here at MCM, myself included, that's behind the "new and improved" magazine. MODEL CARS Magazine is published bimonthly, as in, 6 times a year.
  14. Great news, friends of MCM! Issue #207 is at the printers and will be in the mail to our subscribers and at our dealers shortly! The long wait is over! Best regards,
  15. Hi Scott, On behalf of the new MCM team, thank you so much for your kind words. Best regards,
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