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  1. jlee1615 added a post in a topic "Old Blue" KW K123 Replica build   

    My folks owned a 7-8 games and a corn dog trailer up until I was about twelve, then we ran away and joined a town...I have the 1/16th scale 1975 GMC from highway 61 and have been thinking about scratch building a box and possum belly for it, I also think a scratch built set of diggers to pull behind it would look pretty sweet. Neat to see a show truck
  2. jlee1615 added a post in a topic Up coming new builds?   

    Currently I am builing the modelking camper with an amt 72 chevy for the cab and chassis, using the wheels from the monogram ford dually. I also have a half finished amt Diamond reo needing attention, I finished the motor and built chassis with the steering wheels from a junked ertl international coe. I seem to spend as much time looking at others builds on plasticcowboy and scouring ebay for trucks as actually building anymore...