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  1. HCP added a post in a topic how to make one?????   

    Look at pictures on the internet, build one in styrene like Evergreen or Plastruct.
    I looked a quickie on google, found alot of pics and measurements to make a copy in scale.

    Shouldnt take more than >2 hrs if you have worked with Plastruct earlier.
  2. HCP added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    1:25 Scale Emek trucks - Volvo/Scania/MAN

    First off, im from Sweden so my english is not so good.
    And i hope i have posted this in the correct forum.

    I´m a model builder myself and have built alot of models lately.
    In Finland, the neighbor to Sweden where i come from there is a manufacturer who makes simple european Trucks in scale 1:25. Emek Oy.

    They make Volvo, Scania and MAN trucks.

    Well, i am one of thoose who rebuild, paint and customize this trucks.

    Lots of model builders look down at us, just because we do not build the complete truck with suspension and all details.
    But, and a big but, Emek for me, and my friends is that we can put in time on customizing, paint and scratch building instead of two weeks just with the cab.
    Of course we still build regular revell/italeri too

    Just wanted to give you this link, probably much nice to watch as what i know, European trucks is not so common in the USA

    And, you probably want to look at the site trough google translate, when the main language is Swedish.


    Some sample pics of trucks built by the forum members.

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