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  1. roadkill added a post in a topic lets build a TiBird concept   

    x3, Hey Ken all I'm getting is "sorry image deleted" and the link to your photobucket says error, which is a pity as your build sounds fantastic and I would love to see it.

    Kind regards Michael.
  2. roadkill added a post in a topic resin rear for big Jag   

    Hi Guy's, I’d like to show you how I made the rear section of my Jag. The car I’m building is actually the “lightweight”, so it has a (fixed) hardtop but the rear body is the same. Ok pic 1 is fairly obvious but you’ll notice that I kept the side and front window frames intact for later (invaluable) use, I started the rear section of the interior as it is part then of the rear deck. Now in pic 3 you can see the piece of the roof that will now be the rear deck, and all I did was turn it 180 and found that the contours, (left to right, and front to back) are BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH near perfect, you just have to be careful when positioning it and be mindful of the height, front and back. The holes in the deck lid are for, (lightweight) fuel filler and air vent shroud which are not on the OTS cars. When I did this model I pretty much just went um cut here and see what happens which is why I cut the boot lid out much later, but it didn’t matter in the end as I think it all worked out rather well. (Only my opinion).

    Kind regards Michael.
  3. roadkill added a post in a topic 1/12 Ferrari F40 GTE Evo2 kit re-build   

    G'day Jeremy, I had the same thought as you as to the body on this kit not being the best, but the rest was reasonable. Also at the back of my cupboard (sorry closet) I had the (body only) busted remains of a 1/12 '57 Chev Belair, so I did the only logical thing and made a "F457 Belari". I think it's turning out ok so far.

    Kind regards Michael.
  4. roadkill added a post in a topic Humbrol Metalcote   

    Thanks for your input guys, I have tried polishing with soft cloth with mixed success, and the car I'm doing is an all aluminium body, and yes they spray very well indeed. Thanks again.

    Kind regards Michael.
  5. roadkill added a topic in General   

    Humbrol Metalcote
    G'day guys, I'm wondering if anyone has used Humbrol Metalcote 27001 and 27002 and what kind of results they got. I've just airbrushed my entire 1/8 scale E-type Jag and now I'm not sure about the end result or whether to ,leave it, coat with Glosscote, or recoat and see what happens.

    Kind regards Michael from the left coast of the big island down under.
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  6. roadkill added a post in a topic Post your 1:12 scale '57 Bel Airs!   

    Hi, just a couple more pics, would'nt fit in 1 post, regards Michael.

  7. roadkill added a post in a topic Post your 1:12 scale '57 Bel Airs!   

    G'day guys, here's my sad attempt at a raceing '57. I chopped the roof and body, converted to right hand drive, replaced, wheels, tires, brakes and suspension, moulded bumpers. Hope you like. Michael,(aka Roadkill) from the left coast of the big island down under.

  8. roadkill added a topic in General   

    from the left coast of the big island
    G'day again guys, I've just added a couple of hundred photos to my photobucket albums, inc the "lightweight" Jag and the "original" Jag and the Jag "as it is now" plus the "quick Chev".
    So feel free to have a good squiz at them.

    Thanks Michael (aka mr casual & roadkill )

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  9. roadkill added a post in a topic really really, puzzuzeled.   

    My link
    Yeah mate I'd like to see it finished too, so I'll keep ploding on with it and all the others, 'cause I'm building 6 of them in different forms, so far I have 1 finished,1 very nearly finished, and 1 well and truly started. I've also been scrounging parts etc for the next 2.
    As for the photobucket thing all I can say is Doh!

    I hope that's right, I guess I'll find out huh?
    Thanks Michael (roadkill)and/or (mr casual)
  10. roadkill added a post in a topic 1990 Ford F350 Crew Cab   

    G'day, that's going to be an awsome pickup, but it will have the turning circle of an aircraft carrier, still with a truck like that who cares?
  11. roadkill added a post in a topic really really, puzzuzeled.   

    Hey thanks for the warm welcome I'll post some pics when I figure out how.(all my pics average 1.5mb)
  12. roadkill added a topic in General   

    really really, puzzuzeled.
    G'day guys,
    My name is Michael and I live on the left hand coast of Australia, or Western Australia, in Quinns Rocks a northern suburb of Perth.
    I,m in forced retirement due to illness so the interweb thingy and building models is a big part of my days, but I have encounterd an issue that I don't understand and would like to find out what's going on.I found this site on the bottom edge of Model Car Builders Association, which I have been trying to join but they won't let me and say it's because, well here is the e-mail.Of course I can't ask them (not a member)so I'm hoping you may be able to. Many thanks, regards Michael (roadkill)
    Dear roadkill,

    Our staff has opted not to approve your account, and therefore it has been removed. The following reason was provided for why your account was not approved:

    You must be a member of the M.C.B.A. To view or join this Forum.

    Model Car Builders Association
    This is an automated email. Do not reply to this message, you will receive no reply.

    You have received this email because you are a registered member of the forum at http://mcbafamily.proboards.com/index.cgi
    Your account username at this forum is "roadkill"
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