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  1. G'day Mr Barton, fancy meeting you here, anyhoo I like that you modify to copy a real car and not just out of box, /i like to do that too as you may remember from some of my builds that you have seen. My latest creation is a reasonable representation of the '65 Corvette display car for the '65 worlds fair and New York Motor Show, it's a few pages back now but i would really appreciate your opinion. Michael Pederick Perth Western Australia.
  2. Howy cwap on a cwacker, this is going to be an awesome build, the parts and detail you've shown so far are off the charts, absolutely can't wait to see more. I really like the direction your taking this, a bit different to the norm, which is way cool, I took my part kit glue bomb in a totally different direction also, after a couple of false starts. My humble effort is back a few pages if you haven't seen it, I'd be honoured if you could take a quick look and tell me wot ya think. Michael Pederick, ( roadkill ) from Perth, Western Australia.
  3. Wow, just wow, you clearly have a wicked, (warped) mind, (imagination) to create all these freakin awesome builds, and the build quality is second to none, awesome builds you should be very proud. Michael Pederick. (roadkill)
  4. 1965 Chevrolet Corvette World’s Fair display car. By Michael Pederick, aka Mr Casual. Where to start, I guess the beginning would be a good place, so here goes. So, this one started because I was really enjoying one eighth scale models, like with all my Jaguar models, which are of course one eighth scale, so when I saw this part kit for sale I figured eh why not, I should be able to cobble something together with this, so I bit the bullet and bought it. Obviously, the kit was incomplete, no biggy, knew that, but there was a lot less of the kit than I thought and it was a lot more damaged than I first thought, bummer. So what to do, well I decided at this point to smooth the front and rear pans, bumper delete, and generally make it into a racer of some sort, after a while I needed a bit of inspiration and pics to maybe follow, so went to my best little buddy, Mr & Mrs Interweb’s young fella, Google, ah google, the old farts saviour. So anyhoo, came across pics and info on this display Corvette, ‘65 of course so that was it, I was now going to build a representation of the 1965 Corvette display car, so now I’m all fired up to do this and then, POO. Being an old kit like the 1/8 Jag kits, they are very basic, bugger all detail and a few inaccuracies for good measure, so of course this is when I realized that I would have to completely build the entire chassis, part of the floor pan, most of the suspension and a whole boatload of “other” stuff, to build a half decent model. Then it was yeah, no too hard, yeah but it would look pretty cool, no still too hard, hands are getting worse etc., followed by oh to hell with it, it’s either build the thing or be a pussy, I ain’t no pussy, it was a go. There was a butt load of things to be worked out, measurements taken, drawings made and photo’s tooked, oh and then I realized that there would have to be a very careful and strict order to the different processes, especially with regards to paint and final assembly. Was it too late to back out, YES, so this thing will be built, hopefully in my lifetime, which is rapidly running out. So, I started by building the entire chassis, and with the help of an actual boat load of pics, (well a hell of a lot anyway), and general info through the helping hand, and the Prince of Darkness, the seer of all, Google. With the help of the afore mentioned pics I was able to work out where to put all the holes in the right places, body mounts, engine mounts, oh and cut the steering box off and make another one for the correct hand drive side, also had to make most of the cross members, particularly the rear suspension mounts and such, so yeah there was a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH load of scratch building, but hey that’s what this hobby is all about, well I think so, anyway. Then the firewall was not going to look anywhere near good enough, so I cut it out and built up a new one to suit correct hand drive, and while I was in that neck of the woods I scratch built the inner guards, radiator mount, rebuilt a big part of the interior tub, and then I had to alter the steering linkages, make ball joints, scratch up a sway bar and mounts, and make a battery with a battery tray, on the opposite side, along with a hold down clamp for the batt. So now I have to scratch build the entire exhaust system including mufflers, brackets and mounts, and this took me to the rear suspension where I scratch built the whole shootin’ match, the leaf spring, shocks, all the swing arms, mounts and the rear sway bar with brackets and mounts, at this stage I realized that I would have to make half of the spare tyre cubby hole plus add a bit of detail. Of course I had to scratch build the fuel tank, straps and brackets to suit etc. including filler neck and the spill tray thingy, also, while I was in this area anyway I thought I’d check the exhaust and mufflers for fit clearance and make mounting bracketry, which meant I had to trial fit the spare wheel thingy ‘cause the muff’s run very close, so with lackey bands, string and a bit of balsa with some sticky tape I got that nightmare taken care of. Another few parts I wasn’t looking forward to making was the drive shaft and the two half shafts, just too many uni joints to think about, thank all that is great and right for Shapeways who make a real nice bit of kit, that went well. OK, now to have a look at the actual drive line, hoboy what a can of worms got opened up here, starting at the top we have the weird looking early GM fuel injection box kinda thingy, which is ok in itself, it’s just that there is no detail, at all, none, so a big swan dive into the parts, spares, junk collected for just in case, and general bits and bobs that ya tend to collect over the (far too many) years, found some wire of different sizes and started bending cutting, throwing in the bin getting another piece and bending and cutting, etc etc, I managed to get reasonably close, close of course is a relative term, so with some paint and a bit of bluff and bluster it should look half ok. Another thing I did with this model, I “opened” a closed part, and it was my first attempt so I’m a bit scared, but I’ve opened the correct hand side door, wow did this open a giant can of worms, it meant I had to fabricate the inner panels of the door, and the door opening, hinges, (that turned out to be a lot, a huge lot harder than I could have imagined, had swing open and shut without catching, binding or dropping, holy BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH on a cracker, finally got done but man it was a struggle, I contemplated gluing the door back shut quite a few times. While I was contemplating the demise of the car I noticed that the fuel filler was bleh, so I drilled out the opening, modified the emblem/fuel cap to suit and put a hinge on it so it works too. Sometime later, (this can mean anything from a few minutes to a couple of months), I thought, well the whole point of this thing was to display everything to Joe public, so I realized that just having the chassis laying there not doing or showing anything I’d better add a couple of pretties or something, so I made all the fuel lines, brake lines and the hand brake cables with lever and return spring, then I had to work out where to put receiver tube blocks for the columns that are going to hold the body up off the chassis so it is then the display car I’m trying to copy. It’s around about here that I realized all the body mounts are just too small, so it was a case of hack them all off and make a whole new set, hopefully the right size this time, as I’m only eyeballing all this from photos I’ve gleaned from the interweb.
  5. G'day, nice work on this one, but I was wondering if you could tell me what brand was this , as I had a '68 4 dr pillarless Impala and would so love to get my shrivelled old claws on one to build in the colour of my old car. Thanking you in advance. Kind regards, Michael Pederick, Perth, Western Australia. (aka Roadkill)
  6. Hey guys just wondering what happened to the "Large scale" section, 'cos I only build large scale, 1/12 and 1/8, and now I've got nowhere to share etc. Kind regards Michael Pederick, aka, Roadkill.
  7. Hey guys just a quick question, what happened to the large scale section, i miss it as I only build in 1/12 and 1/8. kind regards Michael aka Roadkill.
  8. By all that's holy in any way to anyone, mate I've only got two words for you my man, 'kn wow. Amazing attention to detail, fantastic job. Roadkill bows to you, aka, Michael.
  9. x3, Hey Ken all I'm getting is "sorry image deleted" and the link to your photobucket says error, which is a pity as your build sounds fantastic and I would love to see it. Kind regards Michael.
  10. Hi Guy's, I’d like to show you how I made the rear section of my Jag. The car I’m building is actually the “lightweight”, so it has a (fixed) hardtop but the rear body is the same. Ok pic 1 is fairly obvious but you’ll notice that I kept the side and front window frames intact for later (invaluable) use, I started the rear section of the interior as it is part then of the rear deck. Now in pic 3 you can see the piece of the roof that will now be the rear deck, and all I did was turn it 180 and found that the contours, (left to right, and front to back) are BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH near perfect, you just have to be careful when positioning it and be mindful of the height, front and back. The holes in the deck lid are for, (lightweight) fuel filler and air vent shroud which are not on the OTS cars. When I did this model I pretty much just went um cut here and see what happens which is why I cut the boot lid out much later, but it didn’t matter in the end as I think it all worked out rather well. (Only my opinion). Kind regards Michael.
  11. G'day Jeremy, I had the same thought as you as to the body on this kit not being the best, but the rest was reasonable. Also at the back of my cupboard (sorry closet) I had the (body only) busted remains of a 1/12 '57 Chev Belair, so I did the only logical thing and made a "F457 Belari". I think it's turning out ok so far. Kind regards Michael.
  12. Thanks for your input guys, I have tried polishing with soft cloth with mixed success, and the car I'm doing is an all aluminium body, and yes they spray very well indeed. Thanks again. Kind regards Michael.
  13. G'day guys, I'm wondering if anyone has used Humbrol Metalcote 27001 and 27002 and what kind of results they got. I've just airbrushed my entire 1/8 scale E-type Jag and now I'm not sure about the end result or whether to ,leave it, coat with Glosscote, or recoat and see what happens. Kind regards Michael from the left coast of the big island down under.
  14. Hi, just a couple more pics, would'nt fit in 1 post, regards Michael.
  15. G'day guys, here's my sad attempt at a raceing '57. I chopped the roof and body, converted to right hand drive, replaced, wheels, tires, brakes and suspension, moulded bumpers. Hope you like. Michael,(aka Roadkill) from the left coast of the big island down under.
  16. G'day again guys, I've just added a couple of hundred photos to my photobucket albums, inc the "lightweight" Jag and the "original" Jag and the Jag "as it is now" plus the "quick Chev". So feel free to have a good squiz at them. Thanks Michael (aka mr casual & roadkill ) http://s763.photobucket.com/home/mrcasual
  17. My link Yeah mate I'd like to see it finished too, so I'll keep ploding on with it and all the others, 'cause I'm building 6 of them in different forms, so far I have 1 finished,1 very nearly finished, and 1 well and truly started. I've also been scrounging parts etc for the next 2. As for the photobucket thing all I can say is Doh! http://s763.photobucket.com/home/mrcasual I hope that's right, I guess I'll find out huh? Thanks Michael (roadkill)and/or (mr casual)
  18. G'day, that's going to be an awsome pickup, but it will have the turning circle of an aircraft carrier, still with a truck like that who cares?
  19. Hey thanks for the warm welcome I'll post some pics when I figure out how.(all my pics average 1.5mb)
  20. G'day guys, My name is Michael and I live on the left hand coast of Australia, or Western Australia, in Quinns Rocks a northern suburb of Perth. I,m in forced retirement due to illness so the interweb thingy and building models is a big part of my days, but I have encounterd an issue that I don't understand and would like to find out what's going on.I found this site on the bottom edge of Model Car Builders Association, which I have been trying to join but they won't let me and say it's because, well here is the e-mail.Of course I can't ask them (not a member)so I'm hoping you may be able to. Many thanks, regards Michael (roadkill) Dear roadkill, Our staff has opted not to approve your account, and therefore it has been removed. The following reason was provided for why your account was not approved: You must be a member of the M.C.B.A. To view or join this Forum. -- Model Car Builders Association http://mcbafamily.proboards.com/index.cgi This is an automated email. Do not reply to this message, you will receive no reply. ---- You have received this email because you are a registered member of the forum at http://mcbafamily.proboards.com/index.cgi Your account username at this forum is "roadkill"
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