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  1. When can we expect the 205 digital issue to be please Gregg
  2. H i Gregg Just fulfilling my role as Magzter watchdog. Still no sign of 202 yet Thanks Chris
  3. Hi Gregg Will 202 be available on Magzter soon? Thanks Chris
  4. I have quite a few but here are some of my hot rod wishes Ford 1927 T Roadster 1932 Pickup 1933 Victoria 1934 Tudor ( a better version than AMTs forgettable attempt) 1934 Roadster Chev 1934 Coupe 1939 Tudor Chris
  5. The main issue with SBFs is the front sump. The Sump can interfere with the steering on the pre 1935 Fords where the spring is over the axle. In my experience I have had to mount SBFs further back than a SBC to give steering clearance unless I wanted to mount the engine way too high. The overall length wouldn't really be a problem if they had Chev type rear sumps. The Bronco sump has been commonly used but that only gives about an inch or so in real terms. The oil pump location is the determining factor Chris
  6. Hi Gregg issue #200 is still not showing up in my Magzter list. Still only have #199 Chris
  7. Only took about a minute to download to my IPad. Resolution is great and photos can be zoomed to see detail I get a few magazines on Zinio and they allow me to click on web addresses in the advertisements and go straight to them and then easily back to the magazine. Magzter does not seem to have this function. It is not a big problem, just an observation. in short, I really like the digital version and can hardly wait for the next one. It is an excellent option for international readers Chris
  8. thanks Gregg I'll take the role of watchdog for Magzter
  9. Hi Gregg i have a Magzter sub that expires in Feb 2017 but it is still showing only #199 available. Should 200 be available yet? thanks Chris
  10. Thanks for the info Tim Time to put aside some cash for a couple of these. Unfortunately it's getting harder to buy kits here in Aus as the local distributor is not very good. I still haven't seen the 29 roadster anywhere. I ended up buying a couple through a well known auction site but postage can be a killer now too. Chris
  11. Much of what I'd like has been shared but here goes anyway Quickchange on A spring I beam with Hairpins Stock style centre cross member Early Halibrands Dirt track rears / implement fronts Chopped screen with Sid Chavers style top Auburn dash inset Tuck and roll SCoT blown flathead with 4 speed with a triple carb option Moon tank Louvered hood and trunk with non louvred options (like the 5W) I'd also like to see the spring cross members engineered to allow ride height to be varied eg low setting for modern style or raised a little got traditional Chris
  12. Thanks Tim Great review as usual I se at least a couple of these in my stash when they finally get to Australia Chris
  13. Hi all I have been contacted by someone looking for information on an old model from their childhood. This what he wrote When I was a kid (late 60's) I had a plastic model of a Model T track roadster. I'm pretty sure I inherited it already built. It had a speedway nose, and a turtle deck. The only other things I can recall are that it was dark blue plastic, and had a white drawing on the doors of a couple dancing and the words "Lindy Hop". Can anyone identify the kit . It sounds like an old Lindberg or Aurora kit Thanks Chris
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