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  1. It'd be worth the experiance. Any ideas on how to rebuild the wheel arch flare?
  2. I think I'll try JB weld for the rough shape and finish it with bondo if necessary. Thanks for the input. I was truely lost.
  3. True. it was cut. I've built model cars before bu I never messed with the bodies like this. My only experiance is sanding off door handles and filling holes.
  4. I keep changing my mind. I wanted to build the engine and put it in something else. Then again I wanted to save the body but I hardly have the skill to shave door handles on a model much less repair missing chunks. I might be up to trade the body or the whole kit if anyone has a decent old built mustang they'd be willing to let go of.
  5. I do not. The rocker is cut off above the door line from the middle forward.
  6. sorry about the picture quality. I took em with an I touch. The car is a 1/25 scale AMT 68 GT500. I have absolutely no experiance working with plastic like this. any help would be much appreciated.
  7. I dropped my chevelle atleast 10 times before it was put together. Luckily for me it was mostly flat black.
  8. Good gracious!! The paint on that Cobra is insanely beautiful!!
  9. what if you c notched the frame and stuck the axles on top on top of the leafs. strip the leaf to a mono leaf kinda deal. That thing looks dope so far though. I'd lower the front and rear. Wheel gap kills.
  10. I dig how you went with the split window too man.
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