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  1. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic Die Cast Opinions   

    Oh, yes deffinately looks like a fun car. I've got an 86 regal w/ 600hp SBC and NOS fogger(500hp) kit, and NOS (250hp) plate kit. It's a street car. Lots of fun. Yep. I sell them in sets. 1 tach 3 gauges, and 1 tach 6 gauges. They come with peel and stick decals for the gauges you want. Water temp, oil press, volts, fuel press, trans temp, boost. I think that's the ones I have. I can make others if they are needed. Do you have those valve covers? What distributer does it have? I can make those valve covers if needed.
  2. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic Die Cast Opinions   

    What engine do you have in your 1:1? I do have dodge engine parts .
  3. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic Die Cast Opinions   

    Glad you got the parts. Good luck with your build.On the mufflers, I think one just got turned in the package. The bottom side that gets seen should be clean. The top side that gets glued to the floor will always have issues, but it shouldn't show. Let me know if there's an issue and I'll hook you up. Whan are you gunna start on it?

    I shoulda sent you the front tires I have with street tread. I didn't look at the picture when I was putting stuff together.
  4. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic 1/18 69 camaro (diecast)   

    Thanks. Yes I do have a mold of the back tires. They were made using a tire that was out there and widening it to the size I wanted, and I made it fit my wheels. They are solid rubber, and not the usual hollow tires that come on diecasts. Those have the rims that are made to fill the space and usually the back side of the tire is way larger than the front to fit the wheel in. Not much you can do with those wheels and tires.
  5. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic 1/18 69 camaro (diecast)   

    Thanks. The color is intensly purple candy. It's automotive urethane from Matrix
  6. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic 69 Daytona Pro Mod 1/16th scale updated 4/3/12 ..It's a wrap!   

    This is one totally awesome build.
  7. corrupteddiecasts added a topic in Under Glass   

    1/18 69 camaro (diecast)
    I still build plastic models, but I prefere diecasts mainly because of the durability. This car started as a stock HWY61 SS396 camaro. I had to grind out the metal body to fit the large tires. While I was there I decided to cut the front off and make it removable. I make my own subframe kits which make it easier to tub out your diecast cars. This car has a ladderbar/ coilover suspenssion set up that I made from scratch. I have molds of the parts so they come with the rear subframe kits. The suspenssion also works. I built a 10 point roll cage with strut front suspenssion. Disk brakes, line-loc, and full fuel system was all scartch built. The engine is a 600+ ci chevy with dual carbs, and dry sump oil system. There are lots of pro tech detailing parts on this car. Charlie from pro tech is the one who got me(and helped me) into molding my own parts. I've got him into making 1/16-1/18 scale detail parts now once he saw the need for them. Anyway, the carbs I made from scratch along with 90 % of the parts on the car. Including the tires and wheels. I made a resin cowl hood for it and also made the front end in resin. I had to mail the car in for a contest and it was destroyed in shipping so I'll be redoing it eventually. It has taken first place in the 2 shows it's been in, and is also in The Diecast Magazing. There isn't 1 thing on the car that was left original. Thanks for looking, and any comments are welcome. If anyone is interested I can post some build pics as well.

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  8. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic Die Cast Opinions   

    Looks like the HWY61 car. You'll have fun building it for sure. You should have your parts by Wednsday. Good luck with the build, and if you need anything else just let me know I'll get it out to you.
  9. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic steel braided fuel line   

    I agree. I use pro tech braided line and fittings on everything. It doesn't fade, and the braide is nice and tight(no flattenning out when bent.
  10. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic Die Cast Opinions   

    Thanks John. I try my best to keep my parts reasonable for everyone to be able to build their diecasts. I'm glad you were looking for those wheels because it pushed me to get them finished. I saw the picture of your car and realised it needed the correct centerlines to look right. That's why I got them back out and worked on them until I got them finished. I've been wanting them for my own builds for a long time, but just kept putting them off.

    eviltwincustoms.. That's some nice work there. Do you have a website. I'd like to check out some more.

    Harry, I will have to get me a copy of the magazine, and start reading it. My model car club members all read it, but I am more of a diecast builder than plastic so I just check it out when they have a copy out. What would I need to do to send in an article? Thanks.
    I do hope there can be a diecast category on the forum. Not to sepparate the 2, but just so it's easier to find amongst all the other threads. That way "diecast" wouldn't have to be in the title all the time. I just updated my site with more goodies, and have more to add later.
  11. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic Die Cast Opinions   

    If you decide to slip in an article about diecasts into Model Cars let me know. I'd be happy to submit something for you to consider. I've got 4 articles in magazines for building diecasts already, and am putting together another one right now. I'm not sure how it would go over with the rest of the modeling community, but it would be nice to see diecast is getting more popular. In the model club I belong to I think it would be about 50/50 whether diecasts should be included in a model magazine.
  12. corrupteddiecasts added a post in a topic Die Cast Opinions   

    Thanks fastback340 for posting my website in your post. And for the suggestion for a diecast category. That would be great. Just for the record I am still making 1/18 resin parts, and as long as I keep getting orders for parts I'll keep making them. I just can't stock parts because of not having any income. So as long as the site can keep itself going then it'll be there. I am working on 1/24, 1/64, 1/16, 1/43, and other scales also. I don't have many parts for those yet, but there will soon be versions of all my parts starting with 1/24 scale. That would be great as HarryP stated for diecast building to be in magazines. I'd like to see them included in the model car magazines eventually. I have 4 articles of my builds in "The Diecast Magazine" where I go through the building of 4 of my builds. The latest one came out in Dec. issue #14. I introduced diecast cars to Table Top Cruisers of Central Florida when I joined. They are all plastic builders, and haven't built a diecast yet, but maybe someday. They do have a diecast category in their shows now which I hope grows. I build any brand of diecast. I do prefere the higher end ones to build just because the end result just seems better when you start with a car with better fit and updated hinges, etc. I have just as many ertls that I've built than HWY61's. Here's a couple pics of the camaro that started out as a stock 69 camaro from HWY61. This is the car in the Dec. issue. This is an example of how far you can go with a diecast car, and that they can be just as fun to build. Thanks for looking(not trying to take over this topic). I'd love to see a diecast category.