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  1. chev12olet added a post in a topic Vandal   

    Serioysly bad ass. When I typed in "vandal" in search and the first one I click wss this I was blown away! Nice!
  2. chev12olet added a post in a topic 32 Ford Twin Hemi Skull Rod "Mr Sinister" Finished!   

    Wow this is one sick @$$ build right here. A 32 hot rod +2 hemis with suicide drs sweet concept and even better seeing it come alive Jonathan !!!!
  3. chev12olet added a post in a topic Bandit Resins 1971 Chevelle Heavy Chevy - October 21 update   

    That green looks nice
  4. chev12olet added a post in a topic Trying to find a new and faster way to dry paint ?   

    Because that's human nature! Bigger is better advancement in technology is always better.That's why we are the #1 species man.
  5. chev12olet added a post in a topic Trying to find a new and faster way to dry paint ?   

    You so funny
    Square wheel and the round wheel we must move on bro like, well everything cant be slow..... I like to go FAST and a dehydrator is square, slow and outdated for my uses. That's why I asked my question man not for stupid responses lkke some.
  6. chev12olet added a post in a topic Trying to find a new and faster way to dry paint ?   

    Great information guys thanks for your 2 cents. I have looked at the dehydrator already I was looking for somethin that could be newer technology. But you use what you got.
  7. chev12olet added a topic in General   

    Trying to find a new and faster way to dry paint ?
    Ok, here is it is. I. Am trying to find a quicker way to dry my paint on my car parts. I was rolling past the nail salon in wally World and saw this thing and a light bulb in my head went off. These people where sticking there hands in a lighted oven. This thing is a U/V light nail dryer. Can't we use these? I mean we do use those nail polishes out there. 1:1 scale paint shops us lights to cure our daily drivers.? So does anyone have any knowledge in this field ?
    Here is a link to one on amazon with a slide out tray one, sweet. Even our parts are easily put in and removed.if the link doesn't work type in search.... -uv nail dryer-


    Your help would be especially and gratefully appreciated.

    DIGGER aka Jason
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  8. chev12olet added a post in a topic 71 Cuda, all aluminum hemi   

    Ok ,I just spent the last hour looking at this build and I just like everyone else has been amazed,thrilled,and shocked at how darn impressive this build of yours is. Inspiration,love,and god only knows what is why we all love this hobby. It can be simple(snap) or experienced (lvl 3) but to be a museum piece is just out right crazy. Thank you for the opportunity to see this being built.
  9. chev12olet added a post in a topic So why do you or we stash kits?   

    Amen brother I see the styrene gates to heaven !!!!!!!
  10. chev12olet added a post in a topic Why can I find every color of flocking except black!?   

    This is the truth embossing powder is way better than any flocking. Easier to use and the end product is smoother than any fuzzy fur and the amount for the price is even better just use a 40% coupon go look in the scrapbooking section in the Martha Stewart section. But if you looking for that 70's shag style carpet then if you really really can't find black then like mikemodeler said do the white thing.
  11. chev12olet added a post in a topic So why do you or we stash kits?   

    Okay, here lets bring up an old subject. I have close to 200+ kits in my stash. I intend on building them all plus the new ones I will buy on my journey in the years ahead of me. At least that's what I think and I tell my wife, lol. But really the kits and the cars I like are always changing, so I will always be $$$$ buying and increasing my stash. That's just how it is since I can afford to buy my own hobbies like most adults can (or anyone with the means to support their addiction to plastic can ) and I enjoy creating something different and even making it my own at times.I remember when my stash was well over 800 just 6 yrs ago. When I moved I sold all but 100 and now I'm starting over, lol.so why do I stash, well cause I can. He he he
  12. chev12olet added a post in a topic $425,000,000! What would you do?   

    I would buy 77,630 acres in Wyoming($20million),arm myself to the tee and be ready for whatever is going to happen here in the USA over then next several years
    oh and sit in my new hobby room building models
  13. chev12olet added a post in a topic thinking about getting into rc cars   

    ive been into rc for 22 years and it can cost if u get addicted but i say go to your lhs talk to them there and see what they carry and if u have a local track even better ask around and start off in electric learn to drive it and if you like it upgrade to better parts thats where it will cost you but its a great hobby and tones of fun and all kinds of cars trucks buggies and motorcycles. pm me if u want i am more than willing to help out . good luck
  14. chev12olet added a post in a topic New issue on the news stands.............   

    Here in Texas i just got my Nov. issue last week when my LHS called. I went to a different HS one 1hr away this weekend and he had Dec and i think another ???
  15. chev12olet added a post in a topic Merry Christmas to everyone   

    Merry Christmas from TEXAS to the MCM family