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  1. Cody Martin added a post in a topic Monza   

    That's awesome, the whole build, the pictures, the workshop it's siting in everything! Great build!!

  2. Cody Martin added a post in a topic Time Attack/Circuit Racer Mitsubishi Evo V   

    Just wow.....my service manager and my self were just wowed by that job, I'm gonna keep watching this one

  3. Cody Martin added a post in a topic Panzer IV Tank and Crew   

    That nice! Killer job, always wanted to do a tank but I doubt mine would ever look that good.

  4. Cody Martin added a post in a topic north carolina   

    Mooresville/Denver area here.
  5. Cody Martin added a post in a topic What If ?????   

    This is lookin pretty cool, gotta keep updated for this one.

  6. Cody Martin added a post in a topic 87 tbird turbo coupe   

    How did you build your turbos? I've been thinkin of making some of my own just never really had an idea to start from.

  7. Cody Martin added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Ford Ranger kit
    I've been looking for a while but haven't had any luck finding a proper Ranger Kit. The only one that I found nothing opened, there wasn't much detail and they weren't step sides. The I found the AMT 1993 Ford Ranger Splash Pickup kit but I've only seen pics of it online and I wasn't sure how much detail is in it. Has anyone ever used this kit, I'm planing on doing some fun stuff with it so I was wondering how much detail was in it(as far as what opens and closes).

    Thanks, Cody
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