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  1. this looks awesome. I'm building a gasser, using the same kit. What motor did you use, and from what kit?
  2. those wheels are awesome. I bought a set from Steve too and put them on my 39 Chevy Sedan Delivery. Can't wait to see the finished Chevelle.
  3. this is a great kit. beautiful car too. I have one and plan on slamming it to the ground. anyone have any advice or suggestions on how to lower it?
  4. Nick, that whole set up looks awesome. I especially like the decals on the truck doors
  5. you said nipples. lol. really nice work
  6. I'd make it prostreet. But that's because I love prostreets
  7. that car looks sick. Great paint job. Please tell us where to get masks like that.
  8. i like it and hope you build it. It would be pretty sweet.
  9. very cool build & and amazing skills, I can't wait to see the finished product.
  10. I love it, as I am a Yankee fan too
  11. Looks really good so far Nick. I see you are using your decals, very cool. And just FYI, I worked in a shop here in Annapolis , MD. where the windows were pretty high off the ground. Great for natural light during the day.
  12. Hey Mark, that's some really nice stuff there. I especially like the 55 Chevy Crew cab. I see you live in MD. Where at? I'm in Annapolis.
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