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  1. Hello, He does have a full time job. If that email is correct, it might have went into his junk file. That has happened to me. I know because I ended up calling him. If you look at the bottom he has a form, to contact him. I tried to photo part of it, which is attached. Best, Ron
  2. the? You have any advice for scratch building a 1/24 promod chassis?

  3. Greg, Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart, 3366 Union Road, Buffalo, NY, 14225-5110 is out of business. They closed after 32 years.
  4. Having had the opportunity to correspond with "The Grande Vecchio" for about 3 years, up until his death in Aug. of 1988, I though some of you might enjoy this video. https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/145808/video-memories-of-enzo-ferrari
  5. This site will provide you with some additional informational. If I look-up an item on eBay, I usually do an advanced search to see what similar items have sold for. https://www.ebay.com/sch/ebayadvsearch https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.worthpoint.com Ron
  6. This is from Robb Report June 28th, 24 rare Porsches from John Dixon's famed collection. https://robbreport.com/motors/cars/taj-ma-garaj-porsche-collection-2856365/ Best, Ron
  7. Kenneth, Did you try this site. You will have to create a account. Type in Toyota Celica, and 1/20 scale. I think the cost is $9. http://www.modelersite.com/en/f1-pdf/ Best, Ron
  8. I forgot to mention that Scott at futurattraction makes a very nice one. fR-FAB9-1K Narrowed, Fabricated 9-Inch Ford Rear End Housing Kit w/Brakes $14.00 This recently designed one piece, fabricated 9-inch Ford rear with back brace and center section includes 3D-printed calipers and hats, plus PE caliper mounts (one spare), axle housing ends and slotted rotors. This new housing includes fill cap and drain plug and incorporates .125" OD axle tubes. The caliper brackets and housing ends have been redesigned to fit the larger axle housing and allow the builder to have more flexibility in adjusting the width of the brakes to fit a variety of wheel widths and tire sizes. The corresponding 4-link set for this rear end is S-4LF9-1. Caliper instructions included. http://www.futurattraction.com/index.html Best, Ron
  9. Curbside Dioramics makes a very nice white metal one. They usually appear on eBay for about $10 to $12 https://www.ebay.com/itm/CURBSIDE-DIORAMICS-FORD-9-REAR-AXLE-ASSEMBLY-1-24-RDU Best of luck, Ron
  10. Hello, Here is a interesting link. It has, 33 Ford, Hot Rods 1 & 2, Drag Racing, Nail heads, Decals Ron http://www.atomicpinup.com
  11. Hope this is not a repeat. Amazing collection of hand-made Ferrari F1 models, by Paulus Milan https://youtu.be/OH_8Ir2bB4E
  12. Greg, I use Irwin/Hanson. They can been found on eBay. I use them for brass and aluminum. Here is a a listing Irwin Industrial Tools 80183 61-80 Metal Index Drill Bit Set, 20-Piece (O12) knddiscounts (9155
  13. Jeff, Outstanding looking model of the "Head Hunter" .
  14. Michael, Much success with your 41 Willy's.
  15. Just been notified that Model Motorcars has purchased Scale Hardware. Model Motorcars Ltd. Best, Ron Berke
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