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  1. Greg,  

    Niagara Hobby & Craft Mart,  3366 Union Road, Buffalo, NY, 14225-5110

    is out of business. They closed after 32 years.








    Niagara Hobby.JPG

  2. I forgot to mention that Scott at futurattraction makes a very nice one.

     fR-FAB9-1K Narrowed, Fabricated 9-Inch Ford Rear End Housing Kit w/Brakes $14.00
    This recently designed one piece, fabricated 9-inch Ford rear with back brace and center section includes 3D-printed calipers and hats, plus PE caliper mounts (one spare), axle housing ends and slotted rotors. This new housing includes fill cap and drain plug and incorporates .125" OD axle tubes.  The caliper brackets and housing ends have been redesigned to fit the larger axle housing and allow the builder to have more flexibility in adjusting the width of the brakes to fit a variety of wheel widths and tire sizes. The corresponding 4-link set for this rear end is S-4LF9-1. Caliper instructions included.







  3. Casey,

             One of the manufactures that you have listed Micro Nitro was sold some time ago. The new owner A.J., is on

    Facebook,  but is still not set-up for business.  I thought you were providing a list of Companies that did sell to the public. Although

    I have tried to contact him several times with no success.  I did the same for the prior owner,  but he didn't remember, because of

    his health.

  4. Hello,

           Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond to my 41 Willys in progress. Kind of hit a wall. I surely appreciate your comments. Sorry Michael I don't

    have any thing new to report. I don't think I will be able to fit the scratch built 426 Hemi in this Willys. Thanks Memysel, Art, Dave, Bruce and Edgar.

            Art, that box design work done sure fooled me.


             I did not intend to be so delinquent in responding to your feedback. Back in late Feb.,early March like most on the forum use for wheels. I tried to obtain some aluminum wheels. Things did not work out well for these standard wheels and the project has stopped. I don't know where to go, and have lost all interest.






  5. Dwayne,

                I read your post on a chassis jig. Because I work in brass, I use both a  SOLDERING BOARD CERAMIC HONEYCOMB with pins that you can find on eBay and my own similar to the Chassis shops made from 1/8" .125 Aluminum Sheet Plate 6" x 8" 6061 http://www.ebay.com/usr/metalremnantsinc 

                You surely can use a metal surface instead of aluminum. I have a jig that I lay over the surface to drill my holes.  I use aluminum with a Hakko soldering station on both surfaces with the pins and aluminum square cut-offs to hold things in place. As Misha stated always start laying it out on quadrille paper first.

                 We all have are own way of doing things, but I hope this information I provided is helpful.






  6. Hello,

            Thanks for everyone's interest in my WIP on my 41 Willys. I corrected the bell-housing issue. Started work on the Lenco Transmission frame section.

    Work continues. Here are the latest piks.


    3-24-16 008.JPG


    3-24-16 010.JPG

    3-24-16 003.JPG

    3-24-16 005.JPG

    3-24-16 013.JPG

  7. Hi,

       Thanks for everyone's  interest in my building process.

    I appreciate your positive feedback Greg.

    I have always enjoyed viewing your model craftsmanship Art. Your Stephane Rose 41 Willys Halibrand equipped is remarkable. And congratulations on having Revell model this creation.

    Leonard, thank you for sharing your great modeling skills with us on the forum.

    Randy, we all continue in amazement at your intricate and and remarkable museum work. I am humbled by your comments.

    Thanks everyone.

  8. I appreciate everyone's interest in my work including Michael, Gergo K, Dave, Le Roy, Bob, Bruce and Rob.

    Michael, the locking door idea came from a builder that was building a 1/16 model. It was a struggle in 1/25 scale.

    Here are some picks of my latest work. I re-did the seat frame. The other version just would not work out. Thanks for your interest.


    41 Willys 002.JPG

    41 Willys 004.JPG

    41 Willys 007.JPG

    41 Willys 008.JPG


    41 Willys 002.JPG

    41 Willys 006.JPG

  9. Thanks for the interest in my 41 Willys,and the comments by Tony, Dave, Scott, Ray, Michael, Stephen and Gene. Thanks for following up on my build Randy I still watch with astonishment the great work you do. Tim thanks for sharing your enormous workmanship and machining skills.  Stephen I did make the jig. I also use Ceramic Honeycomb Perforated Board.


    Here are some new images of my latest work. I don't like the seat frame so I am re-doing it. The doors, I made so they lock. I changed the door and hood hinges. The frame fits so it can be removed.

    2-23-2016 001.JPG

    2-23-2016 002.JPG

    2-23-2016 006.JPG

    2-23-2016 007.JPG

    2-23-2016 010.JPG

    2-23-2016 014.JPG

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