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  1. Bill,

    Great to see a local person's work. Sorry I don't go to the show any more after they forget to judge my '34 Ford, and were asking contestants to be judges.

    Your scratch building talent is quite impressive. You are right in the heart of dirt and Super modified Country. Keep up the great work.

    It not racing until you race on Dirt.

    Ron Berke

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for the speedy reply. Here's the link of the '32 Ford of Gary Stock that I discussed in my first post. I called Gary on Sunday because the email was no good. Gary sold the car in 2001. He told me he doesn't do anything on the computer. He is a experienced drag racer,

    that built-up a beautiful machine. I am just tryng to locate a diagram to pumb what Gary has done.



  3. I wanted to have a Dean Moon Tank behind the radiator on an approved square bar. This would be plumbed to the fuel cell.

    Surely I want to make it as accurate as possible. I did do some searching. One owner who does not use a computer told me you just plumb them together, somehow that doesn't seem to be right, yes?

    Any help would be appreciated.


  4. Hi,

    I first met Chuck in 1980 at the late Herb Jackson's Toledo show. I went back a couple years later to sell my line of wall cabinets and there Chuck was again with his box of model cars to sell. The Vice President of Design for GM. Chuck had a wonderful career and life, and was a great

    friend of Enzo Ferrari.

    I was also contacted by Frank Beard through a great publication "Traders' Horn". I think it fell by the wayside to the internet. We became friendly and I introduced Frank to my Dealer associate and Frank was shown the best models at the time in 1/43 scale. I met Frank several times with my older brother and friends. Here are some pics.



  5. Joe,

    I am terribly sorry about your work related injury. I have enjoyed viewing your stunning Pro Comp 57 Chevy and have picked up several pointers. Glad the surgery

    went well. I worked in a plastic factory for almost a quarter of a century, before our work was outsourced. Not that it's any consultation, but we had our share of accidents, like so many other places.

    A Pro Comp recovery.

    Ron Berke

  6. It was the Fall of 1971 and instead of doing my homework in eight grade I was looking over some model car magazines that I obtained

    for chores around the house. In the summer after my brother and I would do work around the house, I would hit the basement---and my older brother, before he enlisted in the Marines, was working on his Chevy 2 , then '63 Impala. It was in these magazines I met Richard Carroll. What

    an amazing, wonderfully-l talented builder. I would watch Richard Carroll win trophy after trophy from coast-to-coast. The following year I tried my hand working on his rear suspension blue-print. Although not nearly as symmetrical, and maybe 1% of Richard Carrol's work, it was a wonderful time to watch this man produce, and share some of his work with fellow builders. I still have the suspension that I provided a pik.



  7. Scott ,

    Your craftmanship is absolutely remarkable.

    You have a tremendous website. I want to express my deepest sympathy on the passing of

    Isabel (1994 -2012). She must have given the family much love. I never was friends with a

    cat until I met my wife. We have had out cat Fluffy for going on 17 years now. We need to

    give her fluid every day with a needle and pills. She still does not hold a grudge, and enjoys life.

    Thanks for making a great line of parts.


  8. Bill,

    Thanks for your reply. I just can't get over the fact of the scale that you are working in. The mill work on such a small object is unimaginable.

    A camara does not make the photographer, and a mill does not make a tool maker. It's the work they make. I have seen some of the best tool makers in my industry work in some very bad conditions.

    Europeans have scratchbuilt in larger scale, that are world famous. Your work on this engine in 1/25 scale on this side of the pond, is to a new


    Much continued success.


  9. Bill,

    I have watched most of your work on this forum and this is in the stratosphere. To take a block of aluminum and tool a engine that is this

    small is stunning.

    I worked in a plastic factory as a mold setter for almost 25 yrs. before our work was outsourced. I worked with many tool makers on new

    builds, but never dreamed that something this small could be made.


  10. Danny,

    Glad to see your back at it. Your work on the service panel makes me speechless. Reminds me when I

    worked in the the old Thomas Flyer plant at 1200 Niagara in Buffalo, NY a convertered auto part-warehouse. Your

    work never ceases to amaze me. Now working on a '32 Ford.


  11. Romell,

    My interest in modeling of 40 years ago was given a breath of new life into by the likes of Daniel Iacoangel and yourself.

    For my first dioroma, Danny inspired my garage. For my 1934 Ford Pro-Street, I followed one of your "Tips

    Tricks and Tutorials." Thank you for being one of the 12 people to respond to my diorama.

    Your enormous modeling talent is evident by your 79,719 views and 1,283 replies. Like many I have watched your progress on several projects on this forum since Oct 2010, I have come to realize that you are a great diplomate for this hobby.

    Romell, I only hope to see more of your wonderful builds and tips, thank you for sharing them with me.

    Ron Berke

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