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  1. Romell, My interest in modeling of 40 years ago was given a breath of new life into by the likes of Daniel Iacoangel and yourself. For my first dioroma, Danny inspired my garage. For my 1934 Ford Pro-Street, I followed one of your "Tips Tricks and Tutorials." Thank you for being one of the 12 people to respond to my diorama. Your enormous modeling talent is evident by your 79,719 views and 1,283 replies. Like many I have watched your progress on several projects on this forum since Oct 2010, I have come to realize that you are a great diplomate for this hobby. Romell, I only hope to see more of your wonderful builds and tips, thank you for sharing them with me. Ron Berke
  2. Romell, I have watched your construction of this Masterpiece from its beginning. Your artistic ability is endless. Being a car modeler 40 years ago, and to wittness people like yourself with these phenomenal talents, I consider myself fortunate. Your willingness to share your ideas like so many others, is a testament to your leadership in this hobby. And for that, I thank you. Ron Berke
  3. I forgot to paste my photobucket. Here it is. This is new to me. http://i1092.photobu.../3-23-12012.jpg
  4. Here is my photobucket link. I recently added two figures, a tire stand and a magazine holder. Thanks for viewing my Hot Rod-Garage. I've been inspired by the Dean-of-Dioramas Ken Hamilton, and his book "How to Build Creative Dioramas for Your Scale Auto Models."
  5. Darryl and Jim, Thank you both for viewing my garage. Needless to say I picked up some great ideas from both your sites.
  6. Alan, Thanks for viewing my Hot-Rod Garage. Some of the more experienced builders have done a wonderful job. I sure appreciate what I have learned from them, Romell, D. Raper, Dr. Cranky, Ken Hamilton, Danny and the rest on the Forum.
  7. Romell, Thanks for your kind comments about my Diorama. Here it is with a '34 Ford that I just finished. First completed model in 40 years.
  8. Danny, I was taught by a master. Thanks for all your inspiration. Tony, Thanks for your interest. I spent about 1 year on the garage.
  9. Thanks for viewing the garage. Here are some images under construction.
  10. Thanks for everyone's kind comments.
  11. This garage is a tribute to Daniel Iacoangelia of Scenes Unlimited. I also want thank everyone at the Model Car Forum who helped to fuel my interest after 40 years. Your ideas and tips have been of great help to me. I hope I have put them to good use.
  12. Frank, Here is the site at Fotki. About Me Albums Send a virtual gift Add to friends Sponsor account Guestbook Feed Contact Me Sincerely, Ron Berke Alan Raab - Ma's Resin United States , Palmerton , Pennsylvania
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