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  1. Here's the link to the live feed. http://bracket500.com/videos/index3.html
  2. I use a liquid mask made by Hobbico that I get form my local hobby shop, you can get a similiar product from Micro Mark called Mask-it. The shields I use I made from some transparent plastic that I got from Hobby Lobby, it's the same material that paint stencils are made from. You can also use card stock, I've even made them from subscription cards from magazines, you just cut them in various shapes with different curves. Thanks Brian
  3. Thanks Jody, For doing true fire I do not use any masking, I use shields that I've made to get various shapes when I need them but most of what you see here is free hand. When I do my traditional style flames I use a liquid mask that I mix with water to about the consitancy of milk and I shoot it through my airbrush. Dry it with a hair dryer between coats, spray on 6-8 light coats. Draw the pattern on with a sharpie and trim it with an exacto knife. Brian
  4. Thanks Dave, I really appreciate it. Say how's Snowball coming along? Brian
  5. Thanks for the compliments, I'm using an Iwata Eclipse double action airbrush. The flames are painted using Planet Color custom paint from Sherwin Williams over a House of Kolor black base. Cleared it in PPG Concept DCU2021 clear urethane. Thanks again, Brian
  6. Took this Revell pro mod 57 Chevy and set it on fire. I'm still developing my true fire technique but it's starting to come easier now. Wanted this one to look like it was burning really hot so I used alot of yellow in the fire. Brian
  7. Just have one word, WOW!!!!!!! Very nice clean builds. Brian
  8. Painted this one last week, took a Revell 70' Roadrunner and scratch built an outlaw style cowl hood. Paint is House of Kolor Orion silver, airbrushed the panel lines, rivets, smoke and fire. The bullet holes, Air Force markings pinup girls and "To Hell and Back" banners are decals that I made using an inkjet printer on white decal paper. Brian
  9. Where I live is one of the few places in the country the economy is thriving. Oil exlporation has greated a boom and there is more jobs than workers here right now. Lots of young people with alot of money and toys to spend it on. Brian
  10. Very nice Irvin, every time I see your work I'm inspired. Brian Nehring
  11. I need the funds to start my new custom paint business. I'm getting started in doing paintjobs on 1:1 cars. Brian
  12. Just wanted to say thanks to you all, after I got done shooting the flames I'd looked at it for so long I couldn't tell if they were convincing enough. They are still not quite the way I want them so you can bet I'll be shooting another model real soon and with more flames covering the body. Thanks again for all the compliments, I really appreciate it. Brian Nehring
  13. I finally opened up the new Nova I bought a couple of months ago. I thought it would be a perfect subject to practice some true fire on. The black base is House of Kolor and the flame colors are from the Sherwin Williams Planet Color line. This is my first attempt at painting a model in this style of flames. I stil have some tweaking to do on my technique but just like I taught myself to paint traditional hot rod style flames, it just takes practice. I still have to clear it, will probably do that later on tonight. Brian
  14. I haven't done much painting or model building over the last year or so. After I moved to Wyoming I had no time for anything except going to school and work. Now that I've moved back to North Dakota and I'm finally settled into my new house I got a chance to pick up the airbrush and sling some paint around. This is a Revell Merc that I shot in House of Kolor black base and laid down the usual traditional flame job, I then buried it in PPG clear urethane. While attending Wyotech I took a custom paint course where I learned how to paint true fire, soon I'll be painting models using that technique also. Brian Nehring
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