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  1. I too had a Miss Deal with AHM labeling in the early '70s. Confused the heck out of me as a kid as I had never before seen the kit, but it just oozed Revell. And I found it at a Woolworths.
  2. That looks really great! Very clean building and kept simple, bet it was fun! As a kid I avoided Lindberg stuff like the plague after getting my first one. And for the typical reasons; lack of detail, no chrome, plastic tires, somewhat clunky appearance to some parts, etc. These days I'm really digging the look of a lot of their kits and find them most charming in their simplicity. They can provide a really good basis for vintage hot rods that can look great right out of the box. I've been getting a few choice ones here and there and plan to do an all-out drag version of that first Lindberg kit I bought, the White Lightnin' dirt track car. IIRC, I ended up getting it at a convenience store that had minimal kits on hand. It was what appeared to be the closest thing to a hot rod they had.
  3. Wow, that is NICE! Spot-on in every way.
  4. Wow, that's really nice, one of the best builds of this kit I've seen! I've always loved the yellow altered rendition on the original IMC box, but the assembled kit never seemed to match the drawing. It always looked kind of awkward to me. I've got a Union reissue I plan to do that box art car with.
  5. Just saw this on a FB page a couple days ago. I didn't know it was available as a kit car, but I thought it was The Magician built by Jerry Pennington and shown back in the '70s. I saw his Scorpion, and Devilfish at World of Wheels in Chicago in the early '70s. Like those much better than this, even though the Magician does seem to flow a bit better than the Markette
  6. Mine came yesterday, but I forgot to check the mail so I got it today. Perfect surprise on a cold, dreary Sunday morning! As I inch ever closer to resuming building after a 20+ year hiatus, this will no doubt inspire.
  7. Man that looks great! I too built one back when it was new and found myself wanting one again a few years ago. But after getting a real good look at the offerings on Ebay, I realized I really didn't like the look of that body. I quickly cooled on the idea of trying to score one. IMO the Camaro has always been the best looking out of that first batch of Revell funnies. I have a couple reissue Camaros and an original unbuilt Mustang in the stash. But seeing what you've done with it is lighting the fire again as it's easily the best looking rendition I've ever seen.
  8. Looks great! I too have always liked the Uncertain T, but never had one. I don't recall ever seeing one at any stores, maybe a bit too late for it when I got into models, about '70-'71.
  9. Looks like you're finding that groove all right!
  10. Had a building buddy long ago who liked to drive a nail into a crack in his basement floor, tie a bunch of rubber bands together end to end, wrap the middle of the chain of rubber bands around that nail. Then we'd both take a car and secure either end of the rubber band chain to the front bumper of the model, stretch them apart as far as we could, and on the count of three let go! We then would reassemble the pieces and do it again a couple days later after the glue dried. Used his models, his idea, I just aided in the destruction. He gravitated towards factory stock, quick builds OTB, wheels had to roll, whereas I was into drag cars, rods and customs, and paint detailed mine. Now that I think back, many a currently hard to find Johan kit met it's demise then. Me? I'd use firecrackers or a BB gun.
  11. Wow, that is beautiful! I always loved that car. Went to the Starbird Museum a couple years ago to see it's recreation and several other historic customs. It's quite a thrill to see in person one of a kind cars that you've only seen in magazines and/or built models of. I'd recommend the trip! Fantastic job, thanks Guy!
  12. Sweet! Nice, clean build! I'm always up for a bumper-less tri-5 Chevy with a straight axle.
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