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  1. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic NEW GUY: AE86 TRUENO BUILD   

    little teaser of it.

  2. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic NEW GUY: AE86 TRUENO BUILD   

    last updates before its finished. all it needs is front suspension. and body line details

    made the rear strut/cage, finished up the engine, and added the headlights and other final details yesterday

  3. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic NEW GUY: AE86 TRUENO BUILD   

    interior is almost done, want to add a roll cage and needs a rear view mirror

    exterior i finished the rear end and added the glass.

    under body i finished up the weathering and added a custom made straight pipe exhaust. still needs the front suspension and motor. lastly i need some exterior details like mirrors and head lights and final touches...

  4. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic OS giken 510   

    looks sick with the burnt brown/orange sprayed the way you did, im sure it wont stay that way but it would be a good "dirty" mud effect if you think about it lol. cant wait to see more as your one of the few building he same styles i like/prefer, and doing it ###### well at that!
  5. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic NEW GUY: AE86 TRUENO BUILD   

    I finally got some decent progress updates on mine as i was busy with the real car and court.

    under body weathering was improved, tranny was painted and weathered as well. also i love how pictures bring gout flaws in paint and whatnot that i dont see as well in person. helps when i go back to touch up things haha,not sure if thats a good or bad thing

    interior is taking shape as well. still needs all the small detail on the dash but its getting closer.

    interior progress

    front bumper w/ plate added. needs small touch up under the one corner lense

    and lastly a shot of the wheels are i am just really happy with the decision

  6. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic 1972 Toyota Corolla   

    wow such a beautiful build. i love the of mid 70's cars and this just looks soo modern in a way at the same time. the fender flares and wheels, and 2 tone top really set it off for me. the color is spot on and fits it perfect
  7. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic NEW GUY: AE86 TRUENO BUILD   

    ^ i actually have your pics saved for reference haha, really like how you went about the whole thing, nice classic, "real" feel. i just joined spc and i also have the same name, ive seen yous as im looking around a few forums at once
  8. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic NEW GUY: AE86 TRUENO BUILD   

    thanks for all the glue talk guys! i needed it badly, ill prob go out in the next day or two and restock something better

    DoubleD: also the example of the under body was what i needed and gave me ideas. like i said i hit the body with a mist of flat black and it worked wonders for me. it added a nice textured surface as if it was built up with tar and it toned down the splotchy paint brush strokes and glossy appearence

    thanks a lot i spend more time on that thing then anything else ha, im a grease monkey that just tries and find things to do on it. its too low for any shop so ive almost had to learn how to work on it all around! where in VA are you?

    LAone: your builds are soo awesome man, i also joined the site you recommended and i deff appreciate almost all the builds ive seen thus far. ill eventually make a thread in there, after i get a little more progress. for now im just soaking in the builds and techniques.
  9. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic NEW GUY: AE86 TRUENO BUILD   

    lol yeap, i saw this place first, but seems more people on that site appreciate this style and would be willing to help. why not have both for most opinions possible
  10. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic NEW GUY: AE86 TRUENO BUILD   

    thanks man, i really wanted to make this a rugged beat up drifter but it being my first model dont want to risk it haha and will just keep it clean. maybe the next one though! the black bumpers and black engine bay are nice classic touches. but im still looking to add a splash of personality somewhere. maybe the interior. right now its all black just for the base coat until i figure something out
  11. J.Wolfe added a post in a topic NEW GUY: AE86 TRUENO BUILD   

    thanks for the kind words everyone, i also love ae86's a lot. I see this as my build that i wish i could do and afford in real life haha. and as for the stance it was just the wheels set under the chassis so the camber will not be as extreme.

    here are a few updates

    first: i dont like how the exhaust and a few other parts were molded in the body as it makes for an annoying time, and doesnt look as real as id want. what do you guys do as far as adding the orange to the pipes to make it look more real?

    got to work on the under body, the weathering needs to be toned down some more to look a little more real for me. thinking of doing a thin flat black dust from a spray can that i hope brings it all together and not so "patchy" as well as the tranny. I added scrape marks on the fuel tank and other parts as if its bottomed out since it will be slammed. I also started the suspension components.

    QUESTION: what glue do you guys use? i bought zap a gap as im familiar with it from my architecture models but it doesn't seem to work as i want for plastics.

    also started painting the moldings with a brush. my hand is steady enough that i can manage but man it makes me cringe lol.

    front bumper

    all i got to today. don't plan on rushing through this at all.

    more updates to come!

  12. J.Wolfe added a topic in On The Workbench   

    hey all.

    19 and my 2nd year at Temple U. in Philly
    Studying Architecture

    Typical college kid that has WAY too much time taken up with school haha. Always been into cars and is my main hobby as I always work on my 95 Integra when back home on breaks from class. Decided to go out and buy my first model from hobby link japan and see if my artistic background and creativity, along with my style I have put into my own car will rub off. Took over a month to get to me but arrived right on time when winter break started. So hopefully most of my time home I will get a majority of the work done before spring semester starts.

    Aoshima 85 AE86 Trueno
    also bought SSR Reverse mesh wheels with stretched tires.

    Keeping this build clean and simple, with attention to detail. Adding my own personal touches here and there.

    I'll update as I get decent progress on it. So far I started painting the exterior, interior, and under carriage, keeping the body white w/ flat black on the front and rear bumpers for a classic look. And a fully black interior. Just mocked up nothing glued to show the desired look so don't mind the body fitment. Hope you enjoy, its got a long ways to go...

    my car as inspiration

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