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  1. Bob, I know nothing about the kit. But a friend of mine restores wooden boats and I've seen a lot of Chris craft over the years with the original engines. I've seen small block Chevy engines, early hemis and even slant six engines used. Kind of like mercruiser, omc etc. They don't manufacture their own engines they use modified automotive engines. So, I'm not quite sure if it helped you, but any engine could really be a Chris craft. Ken
  2. Sometimes I felt accelerator might have compromised a bond, but that was on one of my r/c planes. As far as my model car building I use it quite a lot, but there is no real stressing in my model car construction. So the way I look at it, it could weaken a bond on your model car but would it matter. It's a static model. Unless you intend to stand on it. Ken
  3. My wife bought a new chair for our office room computer and I allocated the old one, which there was absolutely nothing wrong with. Adjustable in every angle and has arm rests. I really like that it has arm rests, and they are adjustable as well. Ken
  4. When I was working for Chrysler I was at a dealer that also sold the entire GM line. I was in the service drive talking to the general manager when the GM rep drove up in a yellow Aztek. As he got out of the car one of the techs said "you know, that's the second ugliest car I've ever seen". The rep with a big grin on his face said, " really, whats the first one". Tech said, "the green one". We got a good laugh out of that. Ken
  5. I'm curious about these 3d printed parts myself. I know that there are different qualities, almost as in pixels. Some can be very course and some fine when printed. A while back i was talking to a guy that had some wheels made that he designed on sketch up and sent to a company that printed them. They looked pretty good, but very delicate. I don't think a home printer, even a $500-600 one could print those wheels I saw. Ken
  6. I've been using an airbrush for about 20 years now. I use it exclusively. If I see a color I want in a spray can I decant into a jar and use my airbrush. I like the control I get with an ab and the fact that I can mix and spray any color I want. But that's just me. I have some friends that do some spectacular work and use spray cans. Ken
  7. I've never seen or tried that. It looks pretty much the same as alclad, or the same principle. I see they use a gloss black the same as alclad and they have pretty much the same colors. I'd be curious to know if it is any better, if possible. Ken
  8. " funny car kits back then used stock bodies, with all the trim and panel lines". What he said, kits. I think he was referring to the model kits as well. Ken
  9. I'm not to keen on that. I grew up with the original batmobile and all the others don't do much for me. One movie vehicle I did like was the car from The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. I think there was a model of it out there at one time. Ken
  10. I don't keep any build records or anything like that. For me, this is a hobby, a stress reliever. If I have to run a stop watch and log the time and record everything I do it turns into more of a job than a hobby. I've had this other hobby restoring antique motorcycle for the last zillion years. Now I keep records, photos and time sheets for everything I do including cataloging and inventorying the parts . It's now turned into a job. I do keep the instructions for every kit I build. I can go through that pile and show you what I've built, but that's about it. Ken
  11. I surely don't see $150,000 there. I don't mind an old primered car or a little bit of patina as they call it. But this car isn't a rat rod. He just ruined a new car in my opinion. Ken
  12. I was thinking of converting a small benchtop bead blast cabinet that I have laying around into a closed spray booth with a filtered intake. I think it would work really well, if I could find some soft pliable gloves to fit the cabinet. Or just make latex grommets to put in the glove openings that would seal around your forearms when in use. Just a thought. Ken
  13. I've never seen one, but then again I've never looked for one. You could just cut the Bell housing off a 727 and put a clutch hell housing (scatter shield) on there. Ken
  14. I'm the same way. Been slowing down on my buying. Went to hobby lobby the other day, browsed the kits and almost bought another revell 29 modal A roadster. Havent built the first one yet. Bought a 1/4 ounce bottle of testors dark red for $1.79 instead. And yes I used the 40% off coupon, what the heck it was on my phone before I walked in the door there. I build armor and planes as well, so kit buying can get expensive. Have about 400 unbuilt kits now so no real need to buy more. Ken
  15. Came out nice. I've got to get one of these. Ken
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