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  1. kenb added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    HO Scale Lions Dragstrip
    Hi everyone. Haven't been around in a while, been extra busy with the 1:1 cars. I don't know if this has been on here before. A friend told me to check this out and I thought the guys here might like to see it. A Merry Christmas to everyone and thier families. Ken

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  2. kenb added a post in a topic This you've gotta see....   

    Although it looks nicely done I still think it was a waste of a good body. I think those Chargers were the most beautiful cars Dodge ever offerd. Ken
  3. kenb added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Went to hobby lobby and got the 50 olds with a 40% off coupon. Ken
  4. kenb added a topic in General   

    Posting a web address when answering a question
    I asked a question on the forums here about a week ago, and got great response as usual. A few members told me who makes the parts I need. They didn't put any web address. I see this all the time here. Now I'm pretty good with a computer, and I know how to google pretty darn good, but the web address was completely different from the name they gave. I finally got it. If you're praising someones product and service, don't you think you should include their web address when relating to them. Maybe we should have a list of web addresses of good vendors and what their products are to make it easy. Ken
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  5. kenb added a post in a topic Not Pleased With A Build, What Would You Do?   

    I have a few builds that I'm not satisfied with. I put them back in the box with all of the loose parts and mark it unfinished. It goes back on the shelf. After a while I'll be looking for something to build and go back to it. A second approach usually has good results. If I look at a few months or a year later and still don't care for it I use it for spare parts. I feel that if you walk away from it for some time you can get back into the groove and revive it.
  6. kenb added a post in a topic emodel cars   

    I laugh everytime someone says ebay is a rip off, or I don't use ebay. You know, it's like listening to the radio. If you don't like the music do you unplug the radio and never use it again? No, you change the station. If you don't like anebay seller , just change to another. If you think they're a rip off, don't do business with em. I absolutely got my best deals ever on ebay. I'm not cheap, I'm not rich, I look for the best deal.
  7. kenb added a post in a topic Just for fun - first pics   

    I'll see if I can dig up some old pictures. I'll tell you now, they're going to be some old cars in those pictures. Lol.
  8. kenb added a post in a topic The World Has Lost A True AMERICAN HERO...   

    My son in laws father was an Air Force pilot and after that flew commercial jets. He told me that he met Neil Armstrong one day, Neil was working on something for the airline. He asked him what it was like to have walked on the moon. Armstrong turned around and walked away without saying a word to him. He asked his buddies (who worked with Armstrong) about what happened and they said that's what he has does to just about everyone. since. They said even in documentaries you wouldn't see much of talk out of him. I could see not wanting to talk about it, but turning and walking away is a bit much. The others that worked with him had their own opinions, but I won't post them here. He was definitely one of my heros. He had the right stuff. Ken
  9. kenb added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Prewired distributors
    My eyes are shot. I can't seem to drill out a dtributor anymore for wiring. Who makes the most realistic prewired ditributors. I remember a website that had fantastic looking ones, but for the life of me I can't find it. Google searched and I find everything but this one. Thanks, Ken
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  10. kenb added a post in a topic Is there an instruction for aircraft ?   

    Daniel is right. That kit is horrible. If you like a challenge and strive for detail this kit will test your abilities. I build aircraft also. Not as much as cars.
  11. kenb added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Thanks Jonathan, beatiful builds you have there. I guess I'll need to pick that kit up, but I still don't think it will be a ghostbuster when I'm done. Ken
  12. kenb added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Almost bought that ghostbuster ecto 1a at hobby lobby today with my 40% of coupon. Bought the amt diamond reo truck instead. Was wondering how that ghostbuster kit was. Need to look around in here, there's got to be some info on it. I wouldn't build it as a ghostbuster vehicle either, it would be..........well I don't know. I'd have to think about it. Ken
  13. kenb added a post in a topic Score at hobby lobby   

    They don't scan at hobby lobby, they just take the price from the sticker on the item. I asked them about that once and was told that this is the way corporate wants it done and it won't change until they say so. Strange. Ken
  14. kenb added a topic in General   

    Score at hobby lobby
    Just got back from HobbyLlobby. Went there Tues or Wed and bought the AMT Gremlin with a 40% off coupon. Saw a few things I'd like and decided to go back. Bought the double dragster kit yesterday. Went there about an hour ago and was in the isle with the kits. i asked this guy that works there if the trucks ever go on clearance. i had the AMT Diamond Reo in my had. He said sometimes, then said hold on. Comes back and puts a $24.99 yellow sticker on it. It was $36.99. I tell him thanks. Go up to the register with the truck and a package of markers for $3.99. I give the girl at the register my 40% off coupon and she says "you want to use it on this truck model, right", and i said sure. They're not supposed to discount clearance items. I never saw her there before. Okay for me. $15 for the truck. Ken
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  15. kenb added a post in a topic retro and rat rods, just dont get it.......   

    I'm going to step out of this one. It's starting to turn into a ***t flinging discussion, but I'll twist it a little before I leave. Truthfully I think most of the stirrers here never had, never built, and never will own a street rod. They're usually the loud ones with the sore opinions. This is what's in my garage, I ain't ashamed and they're daily safe drivers. What's in yours? Thanks all. Ken