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  1. Great job on a difficult kit. I have a few of these and all of them are badly warped.
  2. At least you have a great start to 2021! I don't think I spend more than 20 hours total at my model bench this year so you are way ahead of me!
  3. Great looking Model A. I always forget how nice those old AMT kits really are.
  4. Looks great so far. Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, but in addition to the AMT 25 Tall T kit for the basic body, the cowl structure looks similar to a 28-29 Ford (Revell 29 Pickup) and the fenders are similar to a 26-27 Ford (Revell and AMT both have versions)
  5. Every time I get a good gold paint job down I end up covering it up with Candy! I just can't help myself!!
  6. I also would love a stock body in 1/25 scale. Was searching for one last week.
  7. Very cool. Like where this is going.
  8. Truly a work of art. I am enjoying watching you create this masterpiece in awe. My favorite car of all time being built so perfectly. Awesome.
  9. Love it. 40 Ford are my favorites. Keep those pics coming!
  10. Really cool build. You have to add "salt" to this one.
  11. Turned out nice. Built one as a Street Rod, but have another one that is a planned Gasser.
  12. Great looking Beemer. The trim came out fantastic.
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