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  1. They're all fantastic!! I'm jealous of your eyesight too :-)
  2. That's nice! I'd be proud to call it my own.
  3. It kinda looks like something out of 'Doctor Who' !! Nice job!
  4. " The answer my freind, is blowing in the wind"...
  5. If I was "dad", I wouldn't be happy with my son either!! If I was the 'son", I'd still be running!! It looks great!! Nice work
  6. Nice work! it looks great!
  7. Really nice!! Believe it or not, the '61 looks like it was the basis for the styling of the EH in my avatar!
  8. That's really nice Dominik! I like the licence plates! Nicely done! James.
  9. Wow! - The Chrysler 300 is looking like it came from the styling dept! Maybe you should send them a pic as a suggestion? The BMW looks great too. A metallic gray with the body sitting a little higher to be able to soak up the bumps in the road would be my style. Great job so far!! James.
  10. That really is an ambitious project! With shading and stars, the paint job will look cool. One suggestion tho, the plug wires need gravity - let them droop over the valve covers. Kind regards, James.
  11. Congratulations Jonathan and Co! All the best on your new arrival! I sincerely hope you have a smile on your face for the rest of your life because of the gift you've been blessed with. I can still remember the 5th of May 1993 when I cut the the cord at 03:32am, The radio was playing a song by 'Axiom' called " A little ray of sunshine" at the exact moment my daughter came into the world. All the best!!
  12. I'd suggest putting the spray nozzle into an ols saucepan of thinners, and leaving it there for 30 minutes. I bought a rattle can od duplicolor and the can just refused to spray. The nozzle went into general purpose thinners and then it sprayed better than expected!
  13. Nick, That's a nice Falcon, but it's wrong! The paint on the car is too glossy, the film cars were painted in slate gray. Absolutely no gloss on them/it at all. Roll on Fury Road, one day...!
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