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  1. A few of my finished cars...

    This is a 55 Gasser that I`m rebuilding. I`m working on making fenderwell headers for it and redoing the interior.
  2. A few of my finished cars...

    Here is 3 of my finished models. I have alot of others in the works. I`m a kit basher.
  3. A few of my finished cars...

    Here is 3 of my finished models. I have alot of others in the works. I`m a kit basher.
  4. Ford Thunderbolt

    Is that Gas Ronda`s Car?
  5. The Freak show truck.

    Heres the most interesting custom car I even seen. It`s a 64 chevy truck and a late 50`s chrysler 300 front clip, the rear bed is made into a trunk and he made fins in the back. It was about 4 foot tall maybe 5 feet. The engine is a 392 hemi with some one off built high rise intake on a blower. It was Built by Bill Biermanin his shop, Creative Customs Chop Shop, In St. Louis. I wish I had more pics, He sold it after he toured it in missouri. It had mo-hair interior.
  6. I thought I`d share this little trick I learned from painting real cars on bondo and filler primers. What you do is when you have roughed out your filler to where you think it`s pretty straight after using coarse sand paper. The what you do is get a cheap can of flat black spray paint at an autoparts store. Lets say you body is grey or white. Lightly dust the black spray paint on it very lightly, And hold it 12 inches away and spray fast on the surfaces til it is covered. The when you start sanding again with fine grit sand paper, The light dusting of black will help you find low and high spots, shrinkage and the rougher sanding scratches. keep sanding til the guide coat is gone. This photo is an example. The car was painted with Nason yellow filler primer, Then when used red in a paint gun and swiped over it quickly. The best Flat black spray paint ever made in a can is S.E.M Trim black, from dupont. It also makes the slickest flat black paint jobs too. Heres the SEM link. Trim black is meant for painting moulding on cars and stands up to the element well. This picture of my guitar is painted with the trim black.
  7. 1:1 cars

    I`m an automotive painter and collision repairman since 2002, Started my senior year before graduating. I have motors manuals from 1971 chevelles all the way to the 32 fords. The books have specific details. I have many other piles of books. PM me if you need to know anything like poly hemi`s 409`s or flatheads, ECT. The books are so old they are fragile. I`d be more than happy to share this info.
  8. How do you make a flipnoe for a gasser?

    I apologize for miss typing my S in flip nose, My s key is sticky. I am working on a revell 55 Chevy Street Machine. I`m pretty much making my own version by using tons of parts from other model kits I collected. I want to turn it into a car like the one on the 1971 movie Two Lane Blacktop. But my own style. I wanna know how can I make a flip nose. Where the grille,fenders, and hood tilt forwards. I am making my own chassis using the revell 1970 duster stock car Limited millenium edition kit, and making my own frame rails.