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  1. Plasticmodeler702 added a post in a topic VW Bus 23 Windows Custom   

    Flawless.. That is a cool vw, keep us posted. And welcome to the forums, I am new here too. Everyone is real friendly here.
  2. Plasticmodeler702 added a post in a topic Silverado Prerunner   

    Thanks for the comments. No I did not use the spray can lid trick. I used the top part of a propel water bottle, then cut styrene to fit the top and used putty to make everything even. it took some time and worked out well. I think I might use that new body and try to fab up some different fenders.

    Most prerunner fenders are not flat on the top, so I am going to try to make them a different way this time.
  3. Plasticmodeler702 added a post in a topic Some of my LMS short track cars.   

    Those are awsome. Great looking cars.
  4. Plasticmodeler702 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Silverado Prerunner
    Ok guys first I will introduce myself. I am new to these forums, but have been modeling for about 7 months. Right now I have a chevy silverado on the bench. As of now, I have the front suspension almost done, the rear is in the works, and I have been working on the bedsides. I am having lots of fun building this truck, I have done lots of research and I am trying to make it like a daily driver/ weekend warrior. Here are some pictures...

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