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  1. Thank you very much sir.I appreciate that. These are most of the kinds of garages i've been around. I've always liked looking around in places like this. Its fun to see what accumulates over time. Thank you
  2. lol Thank You. I think I was 13 when that poster came out. My mom flipped!
  3. Thank you Thank you for looking
  4. Thank you , I was just teasing with the newspaper. There are some Chevys that I like as well. Thank you very much
  5. Thank you very much Thank You
  6. hello, WHERE did you get the magnum body ? I have a dodge magnum and would love to build a model of it !
  7. hey folks. Does anyone know why I am not seeing the pics ? Is it me ?
  8. How could you not love that engine compartment. Awesome !
  9. Gonna watch. Should be cool. I like the idea of using rubber for a hinge. Never thought of that
  10. Hey all, Could someone tell me the difference between the Pro Modeler Daytona and the other one ? Who makes the best 68 / 69 Charger ?
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